Why You Need to Switch Banks Now - Part I
Stop Giving Bad Banks your Money
December, 2009 - Issue #62
Multi-million-dollar salaries. "Golden parachutes." Back-room mergers. Lavish parties. Those are just some of the perks that are often enjoyed by Big Banks, and those who run them.

But not on my dime, buddy. And hopefully, not on yours, either.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, chances are that you're none too pleased with how many national name-brand banking institutions are spending our hard-earned bucks.

So, why are you still feeding the beast?

Switching to a local community bank makes sense now, more than ever. Deposits are FDIC insured. Loan opportunities are plentiful. The list of available products and services - like CDs, health savings accounts and more - is extensive. Rates are competitive. Switching is easy.

And, to my knowledge, every Santa Clarita banker rode to work this week in a car, not a jet.

But it's not just about punishing bad behavior. "Voting with your dollar" means supporting banking institutions that have goals similar to your own.

Like taking care of the community you live in. "When you're banking with a local company, it helps the community. That money regenerates locally, and helps make the SCV better. That business is able to do more for the community, to give more to non-profits, to lend more to SCV businesses and consumers," says Kris Hough, vice president/regional manager of SCVBank. Her institution donated $45,000 in cash and sponsorships to local organizations in 2008. Can your bank say the same?

It's about relationships, too. Mission Valley Bank supports the communities they serve through a number of channels. "Our staff is encouraged and active in their participation in countless non-profit and educational programs. On the monetary side, the bank contributed more than $41,000 through direct donations and an additional $53,000 in support of community events and seminars. The combined total represents approximately 9 percent of our net income for the year," informs Tamara Gurney, president and CEO of Mission Valley Bank.

Local banks are also helping your neighbors, many who own SCV businesses. "We're helping small businesses keep their doors open. We know every tool available to meet the needs of businesses today. We don't close the door on anything. If it makes sense, and there's a way to do it, we can work things out. That's the fun of community banking, because you have the flexibility to find a win-win situation," says Gurney.

Hough agrees. "With a community bank, you can get personalized service tailored to your needs. You have access to the decision makers right here; they're not in Arizona somewhere. We get to know you. Big banks can't do that; you're just a number."

Make the Switch Today
Mission Valley Bank |
In person:
Valencia Branch 25060 W. Avenue Stanford, Suite 150 775-4100 or Centre Pointe Branch & Business Banking Office 26415 Carl Boyer Drive (at Centre Pointe Parkway) 253-9500

SCVBank |
In person:
Valencia Branch 24300 Town Center Drive, Suite 100 255-9250
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