One of the First Environment-friendly Resorts
Sand Canyon Resort
June, 2021 - Issue #200

The Sand Canyon Resort will provide a high-quality, family-friendly experience enhanced by exceptional and personalized service. Its guests and visitors will also be happy to know that it will be doing its part for the environment by being as sustainable as possible.
According to research conducted by, more than 80 percent of global travelers state that sustainability in travel is important to them, confirming that eco-friendly hotels are not just a trend but part of a long-term strategy to reduce the environmental impact of travel.
"The resort will be 100-percent solar powered by using a 500-kilowatt-hour photovoltaic system and two megawatt-hour batteries. This renewable energy source will allow the resort to be independent of the power grid."
Sustainable hotels and resorts are those that significantly reduce their environmental impact through green best practices in construction, operations, maintenance and supplies. The core strategies revolve around saving energy, reducing water consumption and curtailing waste during construction and operation of the facilities. The Sand Canyon Resort will employ a variety of sustainable features and systems to achieve these goals.
Conserving Energy & Lowering Carbon Emissions
The resort will be 100-percent solar powered by using a 500-kilowatt-hour photovoltaic system and two megawatt-hour batteries. This renewable energy source will allow the resort to be independent of the power grid. It will also be used for charging over 30 electric vehicles and e-bikes during the day.
To reduce employee car trips, we will provide group shuttles to and from public transit hubs using hybrid or electric vehicles; incentivize a ride-sharing program; and provide secure bike storage and showering facilities to encourage other methods of commuting.
Additionally, we will install energy-saving LED fixtures and smart sensors that automatically turn lights on, off, or dim as needed, and mini-split, smart HVAC systems that condition indoor air only where and when needed.

Limiting Water Consumption
Studies have shown that a hotel guest can use up to 25 gallons of water in the shower per day. When multiplied by 1,000 potential guests, that adds up to 25,000 gallons. We will be adopting a resort-wide grey-water filter system which will reuse this shower water to irrigate the 27-hole golf course.
Installing smart, water-efficient toilet-bidets in all guest and staff bathrooms and encouraging guests to reuse towels and linens during their stay will all contribute to an overall reduction in water usage.
Lastly, by planting drought-resistant native trees, plants and ground cover instead of grass, the resort will be able to minimize the amount of water used for irrigation. It also eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers.

Reducing Waste & Preserving Natural Resources
The construction of the resort buildings will include a prefabricated steel structural system that is produced off-site with minimal to zero waste generated. We are planning to specify as much of the building materials as possible to contain recycled content and/or be able to be recycled in the future.
In light of the fact that only about 8 percent of the 30-million tons of plastic that is discarded every year in the US is recycled, the Sand Canyon Resort plans to be as plastic-free and paper-product free as possible. The resort will provide guest rooms with filtered water dispensers to eliminate bottled water; will eliminate single-use bathroom essential kits; and will incorporate reusable dishes, silverware, glasses and mugs at all food and beverage locations. Smartphone technology will allow us to eliminate the use of plastic key cards as well.
The on-site organic garden and orchard will provide the resort's kitchens with vegetables, herbs and fruits and we will establish processes to compost food waste which will then support sustainable gardening practices.
To help replenish the local aquifer, we are implementing a pervious paver system where possible to minimize the amount of water run-off. Additionally, a new on-site water detention basin will contribute with rain-water management.
The Sand Canyon Resort will be implementing these and other strategies to differentiate itself as well as be a leader in sustainable hospitality. Our mission is that our guests will have a memorable experience at our resort while knowing that they do so in an environmentally-friendly manner.
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