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Are you ready to fall head over heels for the prettiest gowns, flowers, hairstyles, makeup, event locations and more? The best in the bridal and event business have come together to create an exclusive Inside SCV collection of this season's most blissful wedding looks.
From the British Royal Wedding to Catering that's anything but Generic, weve compiled the little details that you're looking for to make your special day EVEN MORE special!
photography by William Innes

Until recently, round banquet tables have been the traditional, and - often - only choice for wedding receptions and celebrations. Today, brides and event planners can better coordinate rentals to their theme with bench seating, half circles and a variety of other tabletop sizes and shapes.
Planning a wedding or special event takes time, patience and resources - but most of all, it takes LOVE. Lucky for you, this feature is filled with professionals who love what they do, love making your special events even more special, and would love for you to give them a call!
photography by Ted Dayton
Be nothing short of stunning with a fresh take on bridal makeup, hair, flowers, accessories and - of course - a knockout dress.
Traditions have evolved during the past 25 or more years since your parents walked down the aisle. Here's a look at some of the changes that indicate how your own upcoming wedding will be different from Mom's and Dad's.
Some brides will tell you that choosing a location was harder than selecting their spouse to be. But it doesn't have to be so difficult. The key to a great location is, strangely enough, "location" - meaning that it's close enough to your home to make site visits, planning appointments and vendor interviews convenient. Lucky for you, the SCV is filled with an incredible variety of wedding and event locations from which to choose. Here are five of our favorites.
More and more brides are offering candy favors. Forget the "Old School" mints or almonds wrapped in tulle. Think of fancy lollipops displayed for guests to select their favorites.

Damask patterns are very popular to use as backgrounds for invitations, programs, napkins or table covers.
"Blushing bride?" That's so last century. Check out Inside SCV Magazine's 2010 collection of bridal bests: sassy, sexy, sophisticated - and
everything in between.
Love is in the Details
Chances are, your wedding will require basics like table linens, flatware and chairs. Did you know that the "basics" can be anything but, and for the same price or just pennies more? Your love isn't generic, and your wedding shouldn't be, either. Never miss an opportunity to show off your personality as a couple.
For couples that share a faith in God, there are special issues to consider on the road to a happy marriage.
"My favorite part of the reception was the photo montage," recalled my dear friend, Beth. I was a guest at her wedding and am in full agreement after witnessing the profound effect that the montage had on friends, family, and - of course - the couple themselves.
photography by William Innes

Love, even if fleeting, is more than worthy of celebration. This month we were especially excited to take on the task of creating the very best local bridal guide. Because when life feels uncertain, there's nothing better than knowing that no matter what, "love conquers all."
An in-depth look at local eateries and their catering options for your special event.
Fast cars, war games and nary a bikini-clad woman in sight: It's the perfect "marriage" between what guys want to do (hang out with the guys!) before the wedding and what their fiancees don't want them to do. Here are our favorite testosterone-driven options:
photography by William Innes

What the World Needs Now...
Love, sweet love. Express yours with unique details that will make your special day truly memorable.
The most memorable of occasions demand the most exquisite
of locations. Here are three of Santa Clarita's finest places to celebrate.
photography by William Innes
240 the average number of minutes you've booked for your reception site
90 the average number of minutes a discount tea light burns
Your centerpiece candles shouldn't flicker out before the real magic even starts. Pick up 100-percent soy tea lights made by Beanpod. They'll cleanly burn for at least four hours and are available in a variety of fashion colors to better coordinate with your event.
A Gift for the both of You
After the wedding, it's hard to find another "as good" excuse to get your hair, makeup and nails done... But he won't complain about the expense when he sees the final result.
A wedding is not a singular event, but THOUSANDS OF LITTLE DETAILS that come together - or apart - depending on one's preparation. Don't forget any of these necessities...
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