Last-minute Christmas services you won't want to miss!
Live your faith, every day - in every way.
New Ways to Connect to your Faith PLUS A Holiday Boutique!
We want the perfect life - the perfect job, the perfect kids and spouse, the perfect body and health.
Connecting to your community through faith.
On November 4, 2018, Santa Clarita United Methodist Church will present Mozart's epic masterpiece, Requiem Mass in D Minor at 7:00 PM in their sanctuary, located at 26640 Bouquet Canyon Road in Santa Clarita. The choir will be joined by various other groups, including singers from Valencia High School, Los Angeles Mission College, and other local area churches. Professional soloists will join forces with the accompaniment of Mozart's intended chamber orchestra, including two basset horns, a clarinet-like instrument that was used frequently in the Classical era.
A Shirley Erena Murray hymn invites us to, "come and find the quiet center in the crowded life lead." Even though it is summer, our pace rarely slows down. How can we refresh and strengthen our spirits and remain grounded in faith when our pace and pressures never let up?
Choices are easier when they're made with God in mind.
Being a good father is hard work. It involves making a commitment of time, energy and enthusiasm for their children, regardless of their age. Those of us who have fathers, step-fathers and others who take on the role of father are blessed by their comforting presence and active engagement.
Moms and faith have a lot in common.
He has risen! Easter celebrations galore.
When times are tough and questions abound, faith gets you through.
So many songs tell us about love: what it is, whether it is a sweet blessing or a painful curse.
How to be closer to God in 2018.
Get to know local pastors - and don't miss these Christmas events!
Be grateful - and find your joy - this Thanksgiving season.
Need a "faith" boost? Don't miss this piece.
"Back to school" means more time with the Bible.
When "Let go and let God" isn't enough.
One definition of freedom implies a lack of constraint, coercion or boundary in our decisions, choices and actions. But how free are we? We speak of humanity having free will: the power of self-determination. After all, we may be free to determine our own actions, but we are not free from the repercussion and the effects our choices have in our lives and in our world.
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