With more of us relaxing at home this summer, it's time to immerse ourselves in the finer things that define the "al fresco" lifestyle.
This month marked the first of Santa Clarita's brush fires. If history is any indicator, we're in for more. Replace "panic" with "preparation" and be ready to go if your neighborhood is evacuated. Here's our top-five to do's so you're good to go - literally.
This year, summer is all about staying home and soaking up the golden glory. That's why our Summer Wish List is full of home decor things and virtual shopping dreams. Dive into the retail therapy we find absolutely essential, and pick out your favorites... because there's no better time for your home to shine.
Nothing feels better than a clean, sparkling home. While we're all enjoying more time indoors, it's the perfect opportunity to find fresh joy in a little spring cleaning. What does your home or office need this season?
It's been another 16-hour workday for Joel Moss, co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita. His face seems permanently creased by the protective gear he wears on the jobsite; his voice is raspy from yelling directions over the sound of air scrubbers and taking call after call from local business owners and families who need his expertise. He's consulted for 13 just today.
Stuck in a home-improvement rut? Keep going - with these spring 2020 trends.
If you own or rent a home, you should - because you have a one in 50 chance of filing a water-damage claim this year. "Psychrometrics is the science of drying," explains Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita Co-owner Joel Moss. "Our team has invested a great deal of training and practice to know what works best when it comes to selecting the right approach, equipment type and technique for every type of water damage."
Clocks move forward this month - and so should your yard!
Make a plan for "pretty" in 2020 - and fall in love with your home.
The surfaces we forget the most need your attention, too. 
JeannaLovesChristmas has the tips you need for the best holiday ever!
"It's heartbreaking," says Joel Moss, as he ends a call with another SCV resident whose home was damaged by smoke during the Tick Fire. "Once the neighborhood repopulated, most people thought that they'd just open the doors and things would be like normal," says the co-owner of Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita. "For a lot, it's not."
Sooner than we expect, it's going to be wetter, colder and busier - so get on these now!
Yes, it's time to start prepping for the holiday season!
New carpet's great - but have you considered what goes underneath?
The list of reasons people call Paul Davis Restoration of Santa Clarita after they've incurred a loss like water, mold, smoke, fire and more are numerous, but the response is always the same: "We're on our way!"
Customize your space for a feel that's just "you!"
Giving back, paying forward and grand design
Taking care of what you already have might not spiral you into bliss, but the practicality of it means that you have the opportunity to build on your successes with the "new sparkly" of the moment instead of recreating the wheel.
A second-floor washing machine mishap. Fire and smoke damage from faulty wiring. Mold in the wall behind a leaking bathroom sink. Cat dander from the previous resident. Missing tiles and damaged stucco from a wind storm.
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