Show your Surfaces some Love
"Ho-ho-home" is the vibe.
Make it a Fab Fall with the best home improvement solutions of the season.
Fall is our indicator that the year is coming to an end - but for us, it's an opportunity for new beginnings.
Since 2020, the average American has spent 62 percent of their waking hours at home, so it goes nearly without saying: Upgrade your house, level up your life.
With the change of season and schedule, clutter can quickly build up - with chaos not far behind. Here are a few tips to help keep you organized.
Why spend a fortune on a fancy resort when you could have something even better right outside your back door?
The unsung heroes of our homes, walls don't just confine a space - with the right design, they can refine it, too.
Many worry their beloved white kitchen will be a trend that fades, leaving them with a dated, repetitious space that everyone will tire of. Local Interior Designer, Melissa Diaz, shares how to keep your white kitchens a visual masterpiece for years to come!
Spring into Spectacular with these home improvements
Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light. Here's how to pop this playful color into your existing design.
You spend countless hours of your life lounging in shared living spaces - shouldn't these high-use areas be as comfortable and beautiful as possible?
Beauty shouldn't be only skin deep - or, in the case of home improvements... beauty should be matched by functionality.
Here's our PSA for the month: we're just weeks away from The Holiday Season. If (Safe!) entertaining is on your list for this year, consider this your holiday heads up - and a warm reminder to cross any home improvements off your list before guests arrive.
September invites a changing of the seasons; a time of transformation where summer's excitement and liveliness is transformed into a peaceful calm.
Kitchen Looks that Cook - A pop of color and durable materials are in!
Beach Views, Landscaping and Hidden Surprises!
Approximately 30 percent of the homes in Santa Clarita are renter occupied, but - based on national averages - only 41 percent of them carry rental insurance.
Time for a change? These will put a smile on your face.
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