Parenting is rarely easy, but when it comes to selecting your child's school, things can seem downright overwhelming. "It's not an overstatement to say that this is one of the most important choices a parent will make," sympathizes Tim "Coach" Borruel, co-founder and superintendent emeritus of Legacy Christian Academy, a pedagogical innovator with 35 years experience developing educational programs for Santa Clarita.
The sweet grouping of Kindergartners patiently sat around the large conference table, eager to share their thoughts. Just a few moments prior, their teacher had let them in on exciting news: A reporter wanted to speak with them about their school.
Touch-A-Truck is coming back to the SCV - save the date!
For an increasing number of parents, the "public school down the street" isn't the top choice for where their children get their educational start. "As options expand and parents find that there are campuses that better match their educational and/or faith preferences, moms and dads are doing more research before enrolling their child based on their address instead of their desired learning outcomes," says local education expert and Legacy Christian Academy Head of School Matt Millett.
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Santa Clarita's best summer camps, it'll become a near-consistent mantra. This fam-friendly town has it all for kids and that's never been more evident than in the wide variety of summer-fun options. They'll learn, grow, have fun, stay busy - and have you to thank for all of it. If you can't be a kid, spoil one you love with an amazing summer experience (Or three!).
The Intangibles Magical Elements that make a School "Home"
The questions you need to ask before you enroll your child in Kindergarten.
It was a day like any other. SCV residents Nikki and Jim Miller, busy parents to two small children, had just returned from a much-needed lunch date. A quick glance outside, though, changed everything.
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What you should ask on your school tour.
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On Saturday, November 17, Oak Tree Gun Club and the Jacob Zamora Memorial Foundation will host the 15th-annual Jacob Anthony Zamora Memorial Shoot in honor of a very special young man who was gone too soon.
It was a letter from her child's Honors math teacher that really drove an important point home for local pediatric dentist Kathy Mulcahey. "We received a wonderful, heartfelt letter from our son's high-school Honors Algebra 2/Trig teacher that really touched my husband and me," says the Legacy Christian Academy alumni mom. "In it, his teacher highlighted our son's hard work, kindness and 'great mathematical thought' that he shares with his peers. As parents, of course we invest a great deal of time, resources and love into our children, but when we get feedback like this - and it's not that uncommon - we are always deeply aware of how much Legacy played a vital role in the academic and character development of our kids."
More than anything, good parents want to provide their children with everything they need to be happy, healthy and successful. As the 2019-2020 school-enrollment process begins, families have started to tour campuses, ask questions and do their research.
Your sweet little learner will love to grow among the flowers.
Once again, Santa Clarita residents have voted Legacy Christian Academy SCV's "Best Private School" - another accolade added to the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence campus. "We're incredibly grateful to our community for recognizing Legacy with this award," says Head of School Matt Millett. "Our administration, faculty and staff are thrilled to again share this award with our dedicated parents and diligent student body."
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