Get that gorgeous grin - and keep it!
A fresh face, bold '19 brows and fresh new pieces in our closet - yes, please.
During the holiday marathon of parties, family gatherings, school events, shopping, wrapping, cooking, packing and general stress scramble, take time to take care of the person at the head of the pack - you!
Life's too short to settle for boring bath soap and clearly-cracking purses.
Share your shine with those you love the most.
Most people will benefit greatly from a minor procedure to look their best and freshest. These procedures include Botox injections for wrinkles as well as fillers to plump up the lips or correct wrinkles on the lower face. A ViPeel treatment will eliminate sun spots, brown spots, pigmentation or fine wrinkles on the face.
Something bugging you about your visage? Have a "trouble spot" that needs a time out? Yeah, there's a laser for that.
You know what they say: The only thing that doesn't change is... change itself. If your body's changing in ways that you're less than thrilled about, you can change the way you think about it - or you can change what you do about it.
Smooth strands, color that stays & a look we love!
What's something most of us want, but don't take the time to do for ourselves? Change our look for the better. Give your loved one, BFF or Secret Santa a gentle nudge towards the self improvement they've been talking about for months (Years?) with a well-selected, sure-to-be-appreciated gift certificate.
The best presents are rich in meaning, even if they are humble in price. Here are our favorites, along with the encouraging sentiments we think they express. And, speaking of sentiments, we hope you'll consider the one of sincere thanks local SCV business owners extend to you every time you shop locally. Keeping your dollars in Santa Clarita is a gift we all can be grateful for.
The year's most coveted gifts are all here - both in the following pages and the community you call home! Shop local for these fabulous finds and you'll "gift" twice - once to your lucky recipient and again to a local small business owner who's grateful for your patronage.
Halloween fantasy comes to life with custom makeup and more.
Beauty breakthroughs without surgery keep us looking forever young.
Up your beauty smarts with this need-to-know piece.
Summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule a Mommy Makeover.
From premature aging to waxing tips, we asked - and the pros answered!
What they want in their stocking - all easy to find in the SCV.
...And all through the town,
You enjoyed the sights of the season,
Without even one frown.
How'd you manage to fit in
all the holiday fun?
You could do it because
your shopping was done!
The perfect gift doesn't just please the recipient; it brings joy to the giver and merchant, too. Shop local this year to spread holiday cheer to neighborhood retailers. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!
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