Everything is awesome when your yard doubles as a vacation location.
Make every day at home feel like vacation.
Save water while improving the style and function of your yard.
Enjoy your Yard Year Round
Per our entirely unofficial polling of friends, neighbors and passerby, we've come to the conclusion that the three most essential yard elements for maximum enjoyment are a pool, outdoor fireplace and garden. Lucky for you, now is the time to plan and build all three.
Here's how to save water while upping your yard's style.
Now's the time to plan for exterior home improvements you'll enjoy come spring.
Now is the time to prepare for spring entertaining outdoors.
What fruit trees to plant right now - plus info on smarter watering.
These SCV-friendly flowers will beautify your home while being kind to your water bill.
Learn how to replace your grass - for free!
We're big fans of Pinterest - and we know you are, too! Many of our readers re-pin our stash of SCV's most stylish selections regularly. Do you? If not, see what you're missing at These newest home improvement selections will be there, along with other great finds and inspirational shots!
Facebook posts, documentaries and news clips have even the least environmentally savvy among us saying, "Hey - what's up with all these bees dying?" While there are numerous theories as to why our important pollinators are being lost, there are also simple steps SCV homeowners can take to lend a hand to our vital buzzing buddies.
What you need to know to keep your home running smoothly.
Fun facts about Castaic Lake Water Agency and what you need to keep cool this summer...
We want to extend a special "thank you" to all of the homeowners who have invited us into their inspiring exterior spaces over the last 10 years. We always left better than when we arrived after a "staycation" in your exquisite yards. It has been a great honor to share your gathering places with our readers.
Save water, save the earth - and do both in style!
The saying goes that "life is for the living." While that may be true, the phrase could be improved with a few additions. Our motto: "Life is for the living, and outdoor living is the best kind of life!" Does your life need an upgrade?
Save water and your sense of style with these smart tips.
If cooling costs have you hot under the collar, read on. It turns out that the old adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," can also be applied to preventative care on your home comfort system. Plus, it's never been cheaper to maintain your own pool and spa.
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