Salt Creek Grille Launches New Menu Items in Honor of 20th Anniversary
When Inside SCV asked me to review Genuine Cigars on Town Center Drive, I was excited - and a little intimidated. I've always enjoyed smoking cigars, but only when one was offered. To say my cigar palette was limited would be a gross, Swisher-Sweet understatement.
After a recent visit to JJ's Bar & Grill in Valencia, a friend asked me about my experience. What first came to mind wasn't the tasty food I noshed on, or the great drinks I had while re-connecting with an old friend. No, what came out of my mouth was this telling tidbit: "It was so relaxing!"
Sometimes, less really is more. That's the philosophy of Marston's Restaurant's beloved "Chef Jim" McCardy, a man who has a well-known knack for finding the best seasonal produce, meats and fish available anywhere.
Casa Canela Shares Farm-fresh Fare with "Mi Casa es su Casa" Service
The New Menu that makes them an Old Favorite
Remember that one time that everyone was prepping for holiday meals, had a produce drawer full of romaine lettuce -and then the CDC told us to toss it all? Yeah, we do, too. And while we're confident we'll soon get the green light on one of our favorite greens, this is a grand opportunity to get acquainted with other alternatives. Lettuce begin!
Just moments from your door, there are flavors waiting to be discovered, long-forgotten stories eager to be shared, yet-unforged connections hoping to be made.
Our Fave Last Tastes of Summer Flavors

Summer eats and chilly drinks will keep you going in the heat.
You've got to try the new rolled ice cream at Chyll - and other treats.
Father's Day deliciousness, plus new tastes to share.
With end-of-the-year incentives, coupled with the opportunity to make this the best holiday ever, it's time to take a test drive. (And find a really, really big bow.).
SCV's got a pretty high communal IQ. As a population, we're well educated, we invest in local schools and we're proud to be home to smarty-pants bio/tech companies. But what's really smart is how we show off our intelligence with our own clever car, coffee... and even roller coaster.
Sometimes, you just need to get out of town. And, sometimes, you have to go to Costco. Lucky for us, the Sahara is ready for whatever life puts in front of you - or what you want to leave behind.
Just because life can be boring doesn't mean your ride should be.
For every personality, there's a Jeep. Which is yours?
This Valentine's Day, prepare to be barraged by love stories that will never be as impressive as the love you should have for your car. With such wowing accolades as, "Best Buy in the Minivan Segment" from Consumer's Digest, "Best New Family Car for 2017" from and "2017 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year," it's no surprise that everyone is falling in love with the belle of the ball, the Chrysler Pacifica and, our favorite, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.
Try new things, get great deals & party like it's 2019!
It's the coziest, pajama-wearing-ist time of year, which means we need special incentive to get up and get going. Here are this month's faves.
In Santa Clarita, the Holiday Home Tour is akin to Black Friday shopping at Target. It's a seasonal rite of passage that you look forward to every year.
Grab a pumpkin-spiced anything, pull on a sweater and get out there, cool-weather-loving friends - because there's a lot of fall fun to fit into a few short months.
Yes, you can put your pinky up when you sip your drink at one of these local cultural finds. Join family and friends in a celebration of thefiner things in life, Santa Clarita style.
On Saturday, November 17, the merchants of Old Town Newhall welcome the community to their annual Sip N' Shop from 2pm to 6pm. Guests will nosh on light snacks and treats while taking advantage of deep pre-holiday discounts while meeting the small business owners who help keep Old Town Newhall a unique, vibrant destination.
If new destinations are part of your annual resolutions, then add Wheeler Gorge Campground to your list for 2019.
Say "Getty" these days and everyone assumes you're talking about the Getty Center museum complex atop the Sepulveda Pass that affords commanding views of the Westside all the way to the ocean.
Three thousand, one hundred feet. Seventy miles. Seven pitchers. Six guys. Three days. One question.
That's a rough accounting of the recent expedition undertaken to Mammoth by a group of mountain-biking friends - James, Mike, Jason, Todd, Tony and me.
I wasn't ready for Zion National Park, but Zion was ready for me. To surprise me. To push me. To make me stop and wonder.
Our weekend in San Francisco is much like the city itself - packed, busy, close - a whole lot going in a very small space, or in our case, a small amount of time.
Our foolproof plan to explore a city is simple. Book a well-appointed hotel. Then walk and see what we discover along the way. We followed that plan to perfection for a recent weekend in San Francisco.
This section has the movie times for the local Santa Clarita movie theaters; Edwards Valencia Grand Palace 12 and Edwards Canyon Country 10. Today's showings include Plus many more, click the link to see all of the movie times.
If 2019 is your year to eat healthier at home, we've got three quick new dinners that you can get on the table in 20 minutes or less. Each relies on a mix of pre-packaged and fresh ingredients, are gluten free and can be vegan with a few simple modifications.
Yeah, maybe you could host 50 people in your home or office, cook everything from scratch, rent additional tables/chairs/serveware, clean from top to bottom and festively decorate - but when catering and event-hosting options are this good, why would you?
Forget "host with the most." This season, it's all about being the greatest guest. Study up on the low down, then watch the invites start rolling in.
SCV's got a pretty high communal IQ. As a population, we're well educated, we invest in local schools and we're proud to be home to smarty-pants bio/tech companies. But what's really smart is how we show off our intelligence with our own clever car, coffee... and even roller coaster.
After a busy summer, we were feeling more Oktoberrest than Oktoberfest - until we saw the local lineup of Bavarian-themed events. Prost!
Whether you're celebrating a recent "swipe right" or a decades-long love affair, every relationship could use a little extra sweetness.
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