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Hair: going grey. Hips: wider, by a lot. Tummy: poochy, soft, fluffy. Breasts: relaxed, like life is a perpetual vacation.
Me: still knows the exact calorie count of every morsel that passes my lips, truly doesn't care. Also, realizes that the activity of analyzing myself part by part is passe. I'm a whole, a sum, the result of adding not bits and pieces but thoughts and experiences. I've slashed and burned enough in this life and now I see that I'm both the forest and the trees.
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Four years ago, I started to experience severe pain in my upper back. The best way to describe this pain is what Atlas from Greek mythology, also known as the titan who held the world upon his shoulders, may have felt.
Publisher's Note: I just turned 40! In honor of my big birthday, I've committed to trying things "outside my box" with only one caveat: It has to have little likelihood of killing me physically. (I do have three kids.). But for someone famous for shutting down to-do suggestions with, "I'd rather die!" these 12 activities are plenty of stretch for a gal who's spent four decades trying to get out of leaving the house.
Learn about waxing know how & Lagree fitness.
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