When Susan, 69, had a hysterectomy years ago, her body recovered - but her self esteem didn't. "I was very unhappy with what happened to my midsection," says the Valencia resident. "No matter what I did, I had a 'muffin top.' My stomach wouldn't go flat."
Shelly of Santa Clarita never really wanted breast surgery, but after three pregnancies, three breastfeeding infants and three "baby weight" losses, she had... three.
Whether you're chillin' this summer by freezing away fat or enjoying a hair-free, care-free day, these seasonal beauty treats will treat you right.
Our fave body-lovin' treatments that have us feeling cool and confident in - and out - of our bathing suits!
Get ready to love the summer skin you're in!
Laura, 57, has a message for women and men of every age. "When it comes to how you feel about yourself, how you feel when you look in the mirror, do what you need to do to build your confidence. Don't do it for your husband, or for society, or for anyone else. Do it for you - get it done! Plastic surgery... anything. Just do it. The mirror is unforgiving. Life is better when you feel good about yourself and how you look."
Victoria, 39, had a breast augmentation at Heller Plastic Surgery nearly four months ago, but when you ask her about it, this change was a much longer time coming. "I always knew that I would get this done; it was a matter of when," says the Westside resident. "I never hated my breasts or anything - but at an A cup, I really wanted to have a bigger chest so that my body looked more proportional."
"I look like me, only younger! If you compared the 'me' of today with a photo from a decade ago, we'd look the same. Dr. Heller is really a blessing."
Lipo & Tummy Tuck has Memorable Results & Date
Amy* had been thinking about getting a lower face lift and a fat transfer to her hands for a long time. "At 55 years old, my frustration with some elements of my appearance were very obvious and present to me. It was always in the back of my mind," says the Valencia resident.
truSculpt 3D Delivers Remarkable Results with no Downtime
Your muffin top. That pocket of "chunk" on the inside of your knee. The saddlebags that make clothes cling in all the wrong ways. What stubborn fat have you grabbed, pinched or cursed at, knowing that diet and exercise wouldn't do much - if anything - to send it packing?
Sometimes, too much of a good thing - isn't. And that goes double when you're talking about something as intimate as breast size. "I went from a B cup to a DD, to a G, back down to about a C," summarizes Helena, 48, of Valencia.
"Wow" Results After Only One Treatment...
Ladies: Get ready for a game changer.
Over and over again, we're learning that you can rock any age - if you want to. "You can really feel great about being 65. I do!" says Alexandra, a SCV resident. "After my two procedures with Dr. Heller, when I look in the mirror, my first thought is: 'I look good!'"
Is your "muffin top" giving you a rise? Hoping to break up with your love handles? Take a note from NSYNC and sing "Bye Bye Bye" while making a plan to ban that belly for good!
Women: If you've had a baby, you need to read this!
You're never too old to feel young again.
"I'm 26 - and I wanted a breast augmentation because I wanted to fill out a bra! Purely cosmetic reasons, really," shares Beth*. "I've wanted to get implants since I was 18. At 26, I was ready." "Now" was the right time; she just needed the right doctor.
When I first heard that YOUnique Surgery Center & Medical Spa was coming to Santa Clarita, I was thrilled. Several years ago, I accompanied my mother to her cosmetic surgery consultation at YOUnique's surgery center in Santa Monica and we were both so impressed. Located directly across the street from the famous pier, the gorgeously-appointed office boasted incredibly-friendly, knowledgeable staff - and ocean views. When I heard about the location opening in the SCV, I was intrigued; Santa Clarita might have Awesometown, but we're lacking Pacific Ocean coastline.
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