Treat yourself to luxurious self-care.
5 Signs it's Time for a Facial
Some moms want slippers and breakfast in bed. Other moms want the newest, most touted anti-aging treatments, skincare products and services. If your mama is the latter, read on.
Drew Barrymore. Kim Kardashian. Lisa Rinna. Kim Zolciak-Biermann. They're some of the world's most famous women - and they have told the globe that EMSculpt treatments have changed their bodies for the better. Now, the all-new EMSculpt NEO is helping celebs - and regular folks like you and me - achieve fitness goals like never before.
"In 10 years, I've had eight surgeries on my bladder - seven of them were to fix the first," says Deborah. "I was feeling down, not feeling myself. I decided it was time to invest in my looks - give me a lift, you know? That's when I scheduled a brow and eye lift with what review sites said was the best plastic surgeon in my area."
How am I supposed to go from DD to... nothing?
"Why wait?" is our 2020 motto when it comes to self care. We're no longer hoarding the "fancy" lotions for a special occasion, we're dabbing perfume before we head to Trader Joe's, we're booking the massages because we need one - now. These treatments "get us" - providing near-instant satisfaction.
"I was only 29 years old when I had my breast implants done," says Anne. "At the time, you wanted them big and round. That was the look - very 'Pamela Anderson!' They were DDD and the doctor told me they'd be 'good' for about 13 years - but I was 60 before I had them removed - I dreaded another surgery."
"I've always had small eyes," says Kerry, 62, of Santa Clarita. "So when my eyelids started drooping, it was dramatic. I looked tired all the time. My mom would say, 'You look exhausted!' - but I wasn't! It was pointless to wear eyeshadow - it would just disappear under the hooded part of my upper eye. The sides of my eyes even started slanting down, changing the look of my face."
Reposition, Tighten & Repair with Renuvion
A Tummy Tuck & Liposuction Make a "Glam-ma" Feel Confident
Until very recently, if you wanted tighter, smoother skin, you only had a few options: serums (Only minorly effective, if at all.), lasers (Moderately to significantly effective, some with down time.) or surgery (Highly effective, but also costly, and with considerable down time.).
There are few more satisfying holiday-party experiences than when someone you haven't seen for a while gives you the, "Ooooh - you're lookin' good!" nod of approval. Even better - when you peek in the mirror and say it to yourself.
When Karen, 57, had her 30-year-old silicone breast implants removed, she expected a lift to her decollete - not her health.
Many women crave a fuller, perkier bust - but feel limited by their choices. "There's a presumption that all breast augmentation is the same - that it's a big, round implant... or nothing. That's simply not the case," says Dr. Justin Heller, Santa Clarita's 2019 winner for "Best Plastic Surgeon." In fact, when you work with a specialist, options abound! Here are three.
She Lost 157 Pounds & Gained a New Perspective on Life
When you work with people significantly younger than you, it can feel awkward at best and even chip away at your spirit - especially when your age becomes the topic of conversation.
Sonia, 34, knew what it was like to feel good in her body. A fitness trainer by trade, she helps other women feel strong and confident - but after nursing her two young children, she didn't feel that way about herself anymore.
The season's juiciest beauty news.
"I never thought I'd get rid of the poochy pouch of fat on my lower stomach," says Ana, 37, of Valencia. "It became prominent after my pregnancy, but as I've gotten older and my hormones have changed, it slowly got bigger. It made me feel unattractive. I hated it, which is why pictures of me over the last decade have me posing with my arms crossed across my belly in at least half of them!"
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