Whether you're chillin' this summer by freezing away fat or enjoying a hair-free, care-free day, these seasonal beauty treats will treat you right.
Can we all agree that slathering our faces with the same sunblock we use on our feet probably isn't the most ideal? Here you'll find the best blocks that nurture your delicate skin and provide added bonuses like anti-aging nutrients and even glowing tints. Once you're out of the sun, book one of these special sun-lovers treatments to reverse any past damage you've accumulated.
Treat them to soothing self care.
What you want to feel fab when temps climb.
Beautiful new options for double chins, wrinkles and more are all right here.
Discover the difference between sugaring, waxing and laser hair removal.
The Season's most Desired Products and Treatments
The calendar says "spring," but in the SCV, temperatures are already climbing. Since the thermometer has a head start on summer, so should your beauty regimen.
The get-gorgeous color palette for bronzing, makeup, hair and nails is a click away.
We just want to look significantly younger, thinner and prettier before the first holiday party of the season. Is that too much to ask? Thankfully, according to local experts, the answer is "not at all." Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Christmas is coming early this year - and in the form of lasers, razors, syringes, makeup and more.
The sun is shining - and your natural beauty will, too, when you drink in the inspiration from our most recent fashion shoot. Touchable hair, sun-bleached colors and quick makeup looks are the "it" ingredients of the season.
If you're looking for permission to rock a ponytail this summer, you'll find that and more in our Hair Trend story.
A sneak peek at two unique hair lines - what they do and where you can find them!
How is your summer going? Hopefully, you are finding time to enjoy the long days, blue skies, water, family and friends. As summer reaches its busiest, warmest and driest, it's especially important to ensure you are taking care of your skin, body and mind.
Local salon professionals weigh in on the perfect prom hairstyles for 2011
Leaves shouldn't be the only things that CHANGE COLOR in the fall. Update your beauty products with these seasonal favorites.
The Professionals' Favorite Fall Beauty Products & Services
Summer is here and now is the time to change your hair, makeup and skincare routine. Here are some suggestions to revive and maintain their natural beauty during the next few hot summer months.
The Brazilian Blowout is marketed as the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the world, and Santa Clarita converts agree with the hype. "I think of Ben Franklin's quote: 'The Brazilian Blowout is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,' except that he was referring to beer!,'" enthuses a Shannon Hair client.
photography by Mel Carll at the Santa Clarita Valley Center for Photography

Flexibility. It's what women want in their yoga teachers, their spouses, and - most importantly - their hair. We females love checking out couture looks, but when it comes to our own strands, we crave locks that look just as good in a ponytail as they do in an updo. Here you'll find oh-so-wearable cuts and styles - and the makeup to match.
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