How old your child should be when you schedule their first eye exam.
If you have passed the finish line, why not stop running? Crossing the finish line is the most anticipated part in any race. When crossing the finish line, we slow down, stop and reflect on the race we just finished. The retirement finish line is the number we need saved in our accounts to enjoy the next phase of life.
Mothers are proof that, in the end, love always wins.
We asked our Facebook followers "WHY ARE YOU GRATEFUL TO LIVE IN THE SCV?" Here is what they said...
They say, "You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with." I believe this to be true with my whole heart. Our editor-in-chief and my best friend used the word "best" to describe me on page 16. I didn't like it.
A decade worth of memories - join us for a look back!
Clever personalized presents, plus family news you can use.
Four-legged babies deserve a day on the town, too!
End the summer on a happy note with Fido-friendly hot-weather health tips.
You'll love the freebie that Paint a Dream has for you!
At first glance, Janelle Koester and John Shipper seem an unlikely business-partner pair. Janelle is blessed with looks that lead many to believe she's much younger than the age printed on her driver's license. John, in contrast, looks old enough to be her grandfather. That's convenient - because he is.
Smart tips to ensure that 2013 is a year of prosperity and happiness for you and your family.
The legal questions about custody and drunk driving that you've always wanted to ask - but never wanted to pay a lawyer to answer.
You need this plan to reclaim sanity in 2013! Your smart guide to when to review your insurance policies, estate, taxes and more - all easily broken into manageable parts.
Is your business prepared for a natural or man-made disaster? Create a plan with this tips, plus learn a new way of thinking about bankruptcy.
What If's, Red Lights, Family Business and more...
Useful tips on how to avoid common business pitfalls and managing your portfolio.
At the most basic level, the Golden Rule still holds the key to a good, happy and valuable life - and the same rules apply in business...
From buying a used car to planning for retirement, Santa Clarita Professionals show you how to make more cents out of your family dollar!
"Bottom lines" don't only matter in business. Help your family get out from a bad second mortgage, improve investment performance and - when everything that matters is on the line - obtain the right kind of counsel.
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