Would you let your pharmacist perform an emergency appendectomy?
Probably not - even though surgeons and pharmacists have similar starts to their medical education.
Fourth of July, Fire Safety and Summer Fun!
It's estimated that over 6 million traffic accidents occur in the United States each year, with more than 90 people dying in car accidents daily. With those kinds of statistics, it makes sense that we should do everything we can to reduce our risk of accidents, injury - or worse.
Carousel Ranch is a community treasure that changes lives. Dedicated to improving the lives of children and young adults with special needs, this nonprofit organization has provided developmental therapeutic and recreational programs for children with special needs through equestrian therapy for more than two decades. Through both their equestrian therapy and vocational training programs, they strive to create an atmosphere where every student can and will succeed - a place where therapy is disguised as fun.
How old your child should be when you schedule their first eye exam.
If you have passed the finish line, why not stop running? Crossing the finish line is the most anticipated part in any race. When crossing the finish line, we slow down, stop and reflect on the race we just finished. The retirement finish line is the number we need saved in our accounts to enjoy the next phase of life.
Sleep, sweetheart - sleep. A mom's reflection.
Great tips for welcoming your newest bundle.
The very best for Baby - and Mom!
The old adages, "Happy wife, happy life" and "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" seem quaint - until there's a frustrated pregnant woman, struggling mom with a newborn or even an experienced (And still exhausted!) mother in the house. Then they make all the sense in the world! Taking care of Mom means that she's better able to take care of the ones she loves the most. Here are three ways that moms, new and otherwise, can take care through some of the most stressful - and rewarding - times of their lives.
The Inside SCV Magazine family is growing - meet this sweetie!
The very best for your baby blessings.
The sweet grouping of Kindergartners patiently sat around the large conference table, eager to share their thoughts. Just a few moments prior, their teacher had let them in on exciting news: A reporter wanted to speak with them about their school.
Touch-A-Truck is coming back to the SCV - save the date!
For an increasing number of parents, the "public school down the street" isn't the top choice for where their children get their educational start. "As options expand and parents find that there are campuses that better match their educational and/or faith preferences, moms and dads are doing more research before enrolling their child based on their address instead of their desired learning outcomes," says local education expert and Legacy Christian Academy Head of School Matt Millett.
You probably mutter, "It'd be nice to be a kid again" a few times a week - but after you read this collection of
Santa Clarita's best summer camps, it'll become a near-consistent mantra. This fam-friendly town has it all for kids and that's never been more evident than in the wide variety of summer-fun options. They'll learn, grow, have fun, stay busy - and have you to thank for all of it. If you can't be a kid, spoil one you love with an amazing summer experience (Or three!).
The Intangibles Magical Elements that make a School "Home"
The questions you need to ask before you enroll your child in Kindergarten.
Dogs get diabetes, too! Learn how to walk to end this disease in people and their best animal friends.
A girl's gotta ride a lot of horses, or - in this case - board enough of them to know what she wants in a facility.
You won't want to miss this "Alice" inspired tea party!
Summer's the perfect time for a family vacation, but what do you do when your four-footed family member isn't welcome at the hotel, camp site or a relative's house? You'll need to decide whether or not Fido will be hanging out at home or boarded while you're gone.
I am an early riser. I guess I've always liked to get up before the crack of dawn, brew a pot of coffee, let the dogs out and read the morning news all in the peace and quiet of a home and neighborhood still fast asleep.
I may be small, but I like my kisses super-sized. Just like Clark Gable, I'm a gentleman. Sure, I'm only 2 or 3 years old, but I have lots of experience being a good boy on walks and while playing - indoors and out. Folks say that my eyes are my best feature - wouldn't you like to stare into them? I may be your Puppy Soul Mate!
Bow Wows & Meows is like Christmas for pet owners.
What fun! Don't miss these exciting fall events!
These adorable weekly classes will have your kids petting goats and chicks!
Don't miss Comics for a Cause - and tour a new pre-school garden.
Experience Santa Clarita by bike for only pennies per minute!
Why don't you... treat the kids to camps like "Good Day Sunshine!?"
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