Mothers are proof that, in the end, love always wins.
We asked our Facebook followers "WHY ARE YOU GRATEFUL TO LIVE IN THE SCV?" Here is what they said...
They say, "You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with." I believe this to be true with my whole heart. Our editor-in-chief and my best friend used the word "best" to describe me on page 16. I didn't like it.
A decade worth of memories - join us for a look back!
Clever personalized presents, plus family news you can use.
Four-legged babies deserve a day on the town, too!
Make life easier with your little bundle of joy.
Why having your baby in a birth center is advantageous.
Everything you need for Baby - including the cutest onesies ever!
We asked our Facebook family to share their favorite "Here's how we announced!" stories. Here are some of the sweetest of the bunch.
Dear New or Soon-to-be Mom,
Baby blogs and slick parenting magazines make the first year of your little one's life seem like magical moment after magical moment. Don't get me wrong - there are lots of them! But as a seasoned mother, it does worry me that many new moms get totally caught off guard by the stress-filled reality of life with a tiny new person. Soon-to-be-mom, here's what I really want you to know.
Smart tips on how to prep siblings for Baby's first photo shoot.
Legacy Christian Academy launches new computer lab, plus SCVi hosts open house.
How to keep kids learning over the summer - without cracking the books.
The most fun, exciting camp options anywhere.
We often find ourselves yearning for our youth, but after checking out Santa Clarita's best summer camp options, we're all the more compelled to locate a time machine.
Legacy Christian releases their Annual Report & more Education news.
Legacy wins "Best Christian Workplace" award, plus SCVi's theater performance and COC's new degree programs.
A girl's gotta ride a lot of horses, or - in this case - board enough of them to know what she wants in a facility.
You won't want to miss this "Alice" inspired tea party!
Summer's the perfect time for a family vacation, but what do you do when your four-footed family member isn't welcome at the hotel, camp site or a relative's house? You'll need to decide whether or not Fido will be hanging out at home or boarded while you're gone.
I am an early riser. I guess I've always liked to get up before the crack of dawn, brew a pot of coffee, let the dogs out and read the morning news all in the peace and quiet of a home and neighborhood still fast asleep.
I may be small, but I like my kisses super-sized. Just like Clark Gable, I'm a gentleman. Sure, I'm only 2 or 3 years old, but I have lots of experience being a good boy on walks and while playing - indoors and out. Folks say that my eyes are my best feature - wouldn't you like to stare into them? I may be your Puppy Soul Mate!
Anyone who has ever tried it will tell you that starting your own business is a scary proposition. Most waged their own private war with doubt. Am I doing the right thing? I know I have a valuable service, but how do I let the community know about it? Is there a niche for my business here in Santa Clarita? Those are fair questions - questions every local budding entrepreneur and businesses owner should ask, must ask, really. And they do.
Do you know how often your pup should be groomed?
Keeping Fido cool and the kids entertained, plus a look at Safety Town.
"I don't want another picture, Mommy! The sun is hurting my eyes!" That was my 7 year old, on Take 10 of what I was certain was going to be the Best Picture Ever. We were in Central California on the coast and we had just pulled the car over to witness some major seal action on the shore.
Gifts that he will appreciate all year.
The most fun, exciting camp options anywhere.
Support moms struggling with the most under diagnosed "after baby" condition.
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