Sonia, 34, knew what it was like to feel good in her body. A fitness trainer by trade, she helps other women feel strong and confident - but after nursing her two young children, she didn't feel that way about herself anymore.
The season's juiciest beauty news.
"I never thought I'd get rid of the poochy pouch of fat on my lower stomach," says Ana, 37, of Valencia. "It became prominent after my pregnancy, but as I've gotten older and my hormones have changed, it slowly got bigger. It made me feel unattractive. I hated it, which is why pictures of me over the last decade have me posing with my arms crossed across my belly in at least half of them!"
A fresh face, bold '19 brows and fresh new pieces in our closet - yes, please.
The best news of 2019: Heller Plastic Surgery and SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery are offering an incredible opportunity to look and feel your very best in the new year! For only $50, you'll be treated to $650 worth of services, plus have the opportunity to pre-purchase specials at a dramatic discount.
Look younger with less down time - and right now, less money.
Quick ways to look fab on the go!
At 43, Jenna has firm feelings on her lifestyle and career choices. "I'm a model, actor, lifestyle host, investigative journalist, private investigator. I'm not a mom by choice, not married by choice. I know what I want, I know what I don't - and when it came time for me to undo the damage my skin had taken on from my work in the Caribbean, I knew Dr. Heller and his staff were the ones for me," says the self-described "English girl."
I didn't want to get Fraxel laser treatment because of a guy or TV commercials that make me feel like a crypt keeper. I wanted it because I've given so much "me" to so many, sometimes against my will and better judgement - and I decided it was time to take a little back for myself. Fraxel was a glimmer - or, more accurately, a laser - of hope... A
no-downtime way to undo some of the damage the last few years of immense stress and emotional trials had levied on my heart - and shown up on my face.
"I've never been the kind of person to get surgery, injections or even facials," says Gloria, 61, "but those lines right between my eyebrows - the '11s,' they really were giving me a mad, mean look. I kept thinking, 'someone in the grocery line is going to be worried I'm angry at them!' So, I got a little Botox from Dr. Heller to start - and then decided on a few other small treatments and procedures. I didn't want to look like I had anything 'done."
When you wake up and stumble into the bathroom, what you see in the mirror changes your perspective on the morning. Give yourself - and your day - a lift with these minimally- and non-invasive beauty boosts.
The incredible combination of the best in cosmetic surgery and skin treatments can now be found in one office - and patients couldn't be happier. Meet four women who've experienced life-changing results, thanks to Dr. Heller and his SKIN team.
Give your skin a big beauty boost!
There's no shortage of aesthetic treatment offices in Santa Clarita - so why all the excitement over SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery?
Most moms will quickly tell you that giving birth can be a highlight of a woman's life; what they might not mention is how carrying another person for nine months can have a lasting impact on their body in ways that make them feel "less" ... forever.
Our fave body-lovin' treatments that have us feeling cool and confident in - and out - of our bathing suits!
"My son is very sick," shares Cara of Valencia. "I cry - a lot. I rub my eyes. I developed red circles under my eyes that wouldn't go away; they were nearly impossible to cover with makeup. His illness will be fatal if we can't find a cure and it seemed almost selfish to even think about how I look through all of this, but he needs me to feel as good as possible so I can help him feel as good as possible. That's why I went to SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery," says the SCV mom.
Can we all agree that slathering our faces with the same sunblock we use on our feet probably isn't the most ideal? Here you'll find the best blocks that nurture your delicate skin and provide added bonuses like anti-aging nutrients and even glowing tints. Once you're out of the sun, book one of these special sun-lovers treatments to reverse any past damage you've accumulated.
For the past several years, Heller Plastic Surgery has exceeded all expectations as documented in monthly patient testimonials and beautiful results. Now this new division - SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery - aims for no less, with state-of-the-art lasers, non-invasive fat-reduction procedures, innovative skin treatments and so much more, all in the hands of highly-trained providers, overseen by their very own board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Justin Heller. Santa Clarita is in for a treat!
Yes, we know that we "should" adore every wrinkle and roll that life has blessed us with - but... we just don't! And, to be honest, we're Ok with that. (To the men and women who do - kudos!). For the rest of us, though, there are new beauty solutions on the market that we can't wait to try. Have you given any of these 2018 beauty trends a go? Tell us on Facebook!
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