Clear skin can be yours with the right treatments.
You don't need plastic surgery with these less- and non-invasive beauty treats.
When I asked the pros at DermaCure for the newest, best treatment for my aging skin, I didn't expect the procedure to involve a blood draw - but that's exactly what I signed up for once I saw the Vampire Facial® "before and after" photos. Over and over again, images of women and men with tighter, smoother, glowing skin appeared before my eyes - and I was ready for my own Kim Kardasian blood-spattered Instagram moment. (Kim's a fan - and so is Angelina Jolie!).
From premature aging to waxing tips, we asked - and the pros answered!
Dreaming of skin that's smoother? Wishing for the days when your face had "bounce" and fullness? Wondering what will banish the wrinkles for more than just a few months?
Now that 2016 is here, we're looking down beyond our visage and noticing that there are some other spots that could use some love. Here's our 2016 plan. What's yours?
Look substantially younger by choosing the laser treatment right for you.
If you're like nearly 70 percent of adult Americans, you're bothered by the appearance of your "double chin." Called "submental fullness" in the medical community, this excess fat can make you look older and heavier, ruin your profile and make you cringe when it's time for photos.
News and numbers you should know.
If the sundresses and flip flops are any indication, it's officially summer in Santa Clarita. That means it's time to catch some rays - without also snagging more than our share of sun damage. Keep your skin looking young with these fave blocks, then schedule a turn-back-the-clock treatment if your skin needs a warm-weather refresher.
Most Inside SCV staff members are somewhere in our 30s; when the news hit that that Ultherapy is now offered by Dermacure Medical Aesthetics, it lead to an impromptu office celebration. "I. Want. That," we all drooled. Look at the before and after shots and you'll see what we mean.
For a truly acne-free face, a combination of consistent at-home care and regular professional treatments results in a visage you can be proud of. The top picks for both are clear - and your skin will be, too.
With technology making it easier than ever to share our image at any given moment, men and women are finding it more and more important to make sure that they are putting the best version of themselves out there for the world to see.
Admit it - you'd really like to look more rested, fresh and younger in holiday photos this year. (You aren't alone - we're already booking our own treatments now!)
What you need now if you want to look younger and more refreshed before holiday parties.
Peter Pan taught us that you never have to grow up - and these treatments are the Neverland of the beauty world.
What you didn't know can make you look old before your time.
Mega-sized bottles of sunblock are great for the under-12 set, but when you want to relax in the sun and look good doing it, you have to step up your game. Here are our top-four picks for the best blockers around.
Most Inside SCV staff members are somewhere in our 30s. Like most SCVians, we try to take good care of our bodies and our appearance - so you can imagine the discussions that have evolved over the years as the calendar pages fly past at top speed, our wrinkles deepen and our skin starts to lose that youthful bounce.
"Trick or treat!" is a phrase we're bound to hear uttered by cutely-costumed children at least a few million times before the month is over. Personally, we're in no mood for tricks, but treats sound plenty good - as long as there's no waistline expansion to go along with it.
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