Learn about a fresh younger-looking skin treatment, our favorite wedding dress for '22 and premier lash services - all in the blink of an eye.
We're ready to start feeling '22... ourselves! And there's nothing wrong with getting a little help with skin care, fat loss and hair removal. Here's to looking and feeling like it's 2019!
In the fall, your skin is likely seeing much less sunlight than during the summer. This reduction in UV exposure allows you to really amp up your restorative skincare, like with a chemical peel, and have you glowing before the holidays.
When it comes to aesthetics, you're in it for the long haul - but it's nice when a beauty solution offers an immediate benefit, too. Here are our three faves for instant gratification.
Maybe it was all those too-close-up Zoom calls that got everyone thinking about their pore size - because even less-devout skincare fanatics have upped their game. Here are three winning strategies you may want to add to your regimen.
Skip the scalpel and get noticable, impressive results with new tech that's turning back the clock.
Inside work, outside payoff - it's the beauty trend that's gaining ground... and converts.
From tiny incisions to micro needles, today's minimally-invasive beauty buys are big on results.
"In 10 years, I've had eight surgeries on my bladder - seven of them were to fix the first," says Deborah. "I was feeling down, not feeling myself. I decided it was time to invest in my looks - give me a lift, you know? That's when I scheduled a brow and eye lift with what review sites said was the best plastic surgeon in my area."
What's Fresh? Renewed skin, summer-ready legs and youthful lips are all on our 2021 wish list.
The Best in Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics are on your Team
Whether it's getting all dressed up (And going nowhere!) or treating veins, these beauty tips have bite!
Wipe that stress off your face! Our life-saving beauty experts are back in action and full of answers.
"Why wait?" is our 2020 motto when it comes to self care. We're no longer hoarding the "fancy" lotions for a special occasion, we're dabbing perfume before we head to Trader Joe's, we're booking the massages because we need one - now. These treatments "get us" - providing near-instant satisfaction.
"I've always had small eyes," says Kerry, 62, of Santa Clarita. "So when my eyelids started drooping, it was dramatic. I looked tired all the time. My mom would say, 'You look exhausted!' - but I wasn't! It was pointless to wear eyeshadow - it would just disappear under the hooded part of my upper eye. The sides of my eyes even started slanting down, changing the look of my face."
In 2020, we're getting smart about our beauty choices, raising our skincare IQ with state-of-the-art treatments that make a real difference.
To be a Beauty, Tame your Beasts: Thinning hair, bumpy bits, acne, unsightly veins? We all have our complaints - and if your confidence is taking a hit, hit up one of these pros.
There are few more satisfying holiday-party experiences than when someone you haven't seen for a while gives you the, "Ooooh - you're lookin' good!" nod of approval. Even better - when you peek in the mirror and say it to yourself.
DSM Aesthetics, located on the Henry Mayo campus, has wowed the SCV community with the best in state-of-the-art equipment, devices and procedures - including TruSculpt iD Body-Contouring, the non-invasive fat reduction treatment that has the world talking.
With the holidays just around the corner, who has time for... anything? Don't wait for your beauty fixes - we've found the quickest way to the most stunning results.
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