"Our clients wanted a casual, organic modern vibe," explains Melissa Diaz, owner of Stunningly Staged Homes and the SSH Shop. "A young family with a child, they had just bought the house and wanted to make it theirs."
Have you ever wanted to see how a designer decorates their own home? Now is your chance.
Contrast, Precision, Texture and more - here's a look at our favorite bathroom trends.
An elegantly-coved ceiling in the dining room; impressive hexagonal morning room that exudes grandeur; and a tea room that showcases vaulted trussed ceilings along with beautiful views.
And that's just the beginning.
The equation seems easy enough. Take one original-builder kitchen from the 1980s, add in a sought-after interior designer and get a jaw-dropping result.
What do you do when you love Hawaii and want a sophisticated California Coastal look and feel - plus the tropical accents of the islands in your new "forever" home?
Quick fixes for your windows, walls and floors mean more time to sit back and enjoy the scenery.
"Everyone wins." That might as well be the motto for A Royal Suite. A well-respected local nonprofit donor, employer and community retailer for over 40 years, the family-owned and operated furniture store has made a name for itself making people happy.
New materials, functional pieces and fragrances to enhance your space with new-found love.
Move In Ready or Customized to Taste - Nothing Beats a Great Kitchen!
Nothing seemed better than a day at the spa - until we saw this incredibly elegant master bath. With custom everything, this dreamy powder room puts spas to shame with its soothing colors, exquisite details and rich textures. If you weren't already dreaming of days spent lounging in a home spa, you are now.
When Lisa and Robert Younkin first moved into their West Hills community home, a goal was set. "We wanted a house that exuded warmth - but still had clean lines and a very neutral palette."
As the sun stretches its rays longer and temperatures soar, our trees face the challenge of summer head-on. With their foliage swaying in the warm breeze, trees provide shade, habitat and beauty, but they also require extra attention during the hot months to thrive.
Do you find yourself saying, "We really need to do something with the backyard" every year? Extend your square footage with an outdoor space that gets you excited to go outside.
We all have a picture in our mind of what "perfect" looks like - but how many of us take the leap to transition those ideas from our brain to our backyard? These local companies can make the "pretty pictures" in our head a reality - we just have to make the call.
Here comes the sun! As temperatures rise, it's time to take a fresh look at your water use and re-commit to sustainable water-saving practices. SCV Water is here to help you show your landscape some love with water-saving tips and valuable rebates. They make it easier than ever to unleash your flower power as an eco-conscious homeowner.
Want to feel like you've won at life? Make your outdoor space feel more luxurious. The investment will pay off every time you walk into your yard.
Summer's greatest hits can play on repeat when you prioritize these improvements.
Take a peek at what's trending in the SCV.
Festive holiday decor and displays really are the gift that keeps on giving. While it only takes a few moments to open a paper-wrapped present, your cheerful designs will keep delivering smiles for weeks.
Make "home for the holidays" even happier with these festive additions.
Get going in spaces that work with you, not against you.
From Modern Farmhouse to Boho to Beach aesthetics and beyond, a neutral color palette is a must - especially when you want your holiday decor to take center stage.
When you decorate over 300 Christmas trees a year, you learn a few things - and it's my life's joy and privilege to share those lessons with you! I hope you feel so calm and confident when it comes to holiday decorating that you want to do it early.
We're doing a double take - because these seasonal beauties have us going gaga.
Shopping Santa Clarita for your home's furniture and accessories can save money, save time and save the planet - while also uplifting local business owners who generously support our community.
Trendspotting in SCV - The newest trend: timeless.
Out with the old and in with the more comfortable, efficient, and attractive.
A cozy, comfortable home can be beautiful, too.
A well-functioning, attractive home makes life easier - and happier. Invest in your comfort and reduce your frustration by getting these home improvements off your list in early '24.
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