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In many ways, Santa Clarita feels like summer most of the year; our springs and falls are traditionally temperate, if not downright warm. Maybe that's why we fall hard for interior and exterior looks that celebrate this season year-round. From juicy prints to bold landscaping, summer's best looks are a perfect match for the place we love to call home.
The Machado family's Tesoro Encanto home, beautifully situated on a 13,000-square-foot flag lot at the end of a cul de sac, is often the beginning of something special, thanks to the expansive tropical escape in the backyard.
Jacque and Eric Stroh's Tesoro home is a study in beautiful contrast, fusing soft, organic details with modern elements of design and functionality. The outdoor space best displays this philosophy, combining elements like elegant water features with handmade brick, smooth granite and wood accents.
A wowing remodel has completely rejuvenated this Santa Clarita home, thanks to the detail-oriented work of Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. The full-service company raised ceilings, moved the laundry room upstairs, removed walls to create more flowing spaces, installed double doors, swapped out flooring, totally revitalized the kitchen and baths, and so much more. The process was painstaking in its scheduling and required great care. The results speak for themselves.
This Macmillan Ranch estate is a study in organic rustic refinement - a mixture of gleaming stonework, hand-scraped wood floors, exposed wood-grain beams and artistic renditions of nature. Surrounded by gorgeous greens and gardens, , the home recently went into escrow with Sand Canyon real-estate expert Morgan Gonzalez.
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Everything Old is New Again
In September, we adjust to our new "back to school" post-summer schedules. In October, we begin the 31-day candy binge, which is pretty much the only thing that gives us enough energy to get through the haunted decorating, costume searches and numerous parties that require us to put our hands in bowls of cold spaghetti (It feels just like brains?!). November doubles up our duties; now we're shopping for December gift-giving holidays and prepping for the familial circus that is Thanksgiving. And don't get us started on what December entails. Conclusion? If you're going to upgrade, accent, fix up or DIY anything in your home before the close of 2017, the least-stressful time to do it is... now. So - ho, ho ho, it's off to our favorite home and decor stores we go!
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Santa Clarita is one of the safest cities in the nation and, don't get us wrong, we really love it here. But we'll admit, on occasion, to wishing that "Sand" Canyon was the sort that came with ocean-front views. Want SCV life to be just a little more beachy? It's all about changing your perspective.
It seems like summer in the SCV never ends - until, usually abruptly, it does. No, we're not battling the snow-pocalypses of the north east, but yeah - it gets kinda-sorta cold here sometimes, too. Ready to do battle against all things chilly? An ounce of prevention, in this case, is worth at least a handful of degrees of cure come November.
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The next time you're out and about supporting one of Santa Clarita's many non-profit organizations, take a closer look at the commemorative booklet, signs and volunteers - because it's likely that you'll see a familiar business name: RE/MAX of Valencia, Gateway and Santa Clarita.
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Channel Islands is only an hour away - but it feels like a real escape!
Have you been to Old Town Newhall lately? Peppered with posh boutiques, Santa Clarita's hippest restaurants, savvy service-professional offices, on-trend health and wellness spas, adorable bakeries and more, Main Street and the surrounding micro-community is a bustling place filled with new, fun things to discover - and it's getting even better by the day.
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