You know it's going to be good when Rebecca Rollins-Garcia, owner and creative director of Rebecca Rollins Interiors, says, "Hands down, this is one of our best and most favorite remodels to date."
"Our clients wanted a Modern California Coastal look and feel," shares Melissa Diaz, owner and designer of Stunningly Staged Homes. "They wanted to create a welcoming, comfortable space as you enter their home with pops of blue tones, light wood tones, greenery and neutrals."
It's the classic story of beauty - and a bath.
Kid and pet friendly - but make it elegant? Not a problem when Melissa Diaz of Stunningly Staged Homes is on the job.
Many Santa Clarita homeowners can relate: You love your address, but the "builder" look doesn't meet your needs - or vision.
This is our love letter to the 2022 SCV spaces that we can't stop thinking about.
Quick fixes for your windows, walls and floors mean more time to sit back and enjoy the scenery.
"Everyone wins." That might as well be the motto for A Royal Suite. A well-respected local nonprofit donor, employer and community retailer for over 40 years, the family-owned and operated furniture store has made a name for itself making people happy.
New materials, functional pieces and fragrances to enhance your space with new-found love.
Move In Ready or Customized to Taste - Nothing Beats a Great Kitchen!
Nothing seemed better than a day at the spa - until we saw this incredibly elegant master bath. With custom everything, this dreamy powder room puts spas to shame with its soothing colors, exquisite details and rich textures. If you weren't already dreaming of days spent lounging in a home spa, you are now.
When Lisa and Robert Younkin first moved into their West Hills community home, a goal was set. "We wanted a house that exuded warmth - but still had clean lines and a very neutral palette."
We all have a picture in our mind of what "perfect" looks like - but how many of us take the leap to transition those ideas from our brain to our backyard? These local companies can make the "pretty pictures" in our head a reality - we just have to make the call.
Here comes the sun! As temperatures rise, it's time to take a fresh look at your water use and re-commit to sustainable water-saving practices. SCV Water is here to help you show your landscape some love with water-saving tips and valuable rebates. They make it easier than ever to unleash your flower power as an eco-conscious homeowner.
Want to feel like you've won at life? Make your outdoor space feel more luxurious. The investment will pay off every time you walk into your yard.
Summer's greatest hits can play on repeat when you prioritize these improvements.
Our Spring Exterior Home Improvement Guide elevates your exteriors with custom details that draw you outside - and give you a reason to stay awhile.
Dive into Outdoor Living
Get going in spaces that work with you, not against you.
From Modern Farmhouse to Boho to Beach aesthetics and beyond, a neutral color palette is a must - especially when you want your holiday decor to take center stage.
When you decorate over 300 Christmas trees a year, you learn a few things - and it's my life's joy and privilege to share those lessons with you! I hope you feel so calm and confident when it comes to holiday decorating that you want to do it early.
Earn your spot on "The Nice List" by making a stylish first impression.
Glow up - literally. These floor-to-ceiling updates are the pre-holiday level up.
Sing along, friends - because you've got about a month to update your most-frequented holiday entertainment spaces.
Subtract your lawn, add a pool and multiply by the number of times you say, "I love my new kitchen."
SCV thermometers may disagree, but it's nearly fall, y'all - and we're getting ready for cozy season... upgraded.
Want it... or must have it? These home upgrades deserve a Priority One ranking on your summer to-do list.
In a world of knock offs, imitators and faux influencers, go with the pros for the results you want.
Wish everything was different - in the best of ways? These game changers will elevate the function of your space - and look good doing it.
Beauty without function has its place, but when it comes to home design, the best of both worlds reigns supreme.
Check out this Gorgeous Townhome in Newhall
There's a presumption that the only SCV residents buying second homes in Ventura County are folks in their 50s and 60s - but the truth is that more and more young people are securing their family's future with the beach home of their dreams, too.
Say it with us: "My beach house."
Has a nice ring to it, right?
You could Call Oxnard your Second Home by Summer
You've heard that there are more homes on the market than this time last year - and that's true. But don't let that data point sway you from considering a "for sale" sign in your front yard.
There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent property manager: integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network.
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