Your dream home is only a phone call away.
Your dream home is only a phone call away.
Your dream home is only a phone call away.
Your dream home is only a phone call away.
Your dream home is only a phone call away.
"It's not just about selling houses," says Dave Rendall, owner of RE/MAX Valencia & Santa Clarita. "Our company is about 'community' - building it, cultivating it, investing in it. Every one of our agents is 100-percent committed to doing best by their clients and Santa Clarita, and I love rewarding those who consistently go above and beyond. Our most recent award winners epitomize how the combination of knowledge, experience and service can deeply benefit both the consumer and the community."
When you're the owner of a real estate powerhouse with some of the best agents in the nation working under your roof, it could be easy to get caught up in a business-only mindset, especially during those long weeks and months without much of a break.
Your dream home could be right around the corner.
Sponsors RE/MAX of Valencia & RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Share the Day's Highlights
Did you know that RE/MAX agents continue to outperform all competitors, ranking as the most productive among the elite national real estate franchises?
Your dream home is out there - and it might even be one of these!
Your dream house is out there - and it might even be on this page!
Windows are often the most overlooked element of a house - but they shouldn't be! Here's how to set things right.
Click on this collection for interior-home inspiration for fabrics, furniture, paint and more.
The typeface of this article's headline can't convey the tone of shock that my friends and co-workers had when they questioned my well-planned, but still surprising, decision.
Move on out - or up! - with the help of SCV's top real estate pros.
Suess Real Estate Experts is looking for ambitious, business-minded individuals to join their highly-successful team. Does that describe you?
"Sold above asking price." "Sold in three days!" "Sold when two other agents couldn't sell the property." These aren't the kinds of headlines you'd expect to see in a constantly-fluctuating housing market - but they are the kinds of headlines Suess Real Estate Experts inspires day after day...
Your dream house is out there!
In fact, it might even be on this page...
Thanks to the National Mortgage Settlement, borrowers and sellers - even those who may not have been directly affected by bank error - can receive major financial relief. The estimated $25- to $32-billion settlement will be allocated in a variety of ways. These include principal reduction for at-risk "underwater" homeowners, refinancing for caught-up borrowers and additional relief in the form of anti-blight programs and more.
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