Summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule a Mommy Makeover.
From premature aging to waxing tips, we asked - and the pros answered!
What they want in their stocking - all easy to find in the SCV.
...And all through the town,
You enjoyed the sights of the season,
Without even one frown.
How'd you manage to fit in
all the holiday fun?
You could do it because
your shopping was done!
The perfect gift doesn't just please the recipient; it brings joy to the giver and merchant, too. Shop local this year to spread holiday cheer to neighborhood retailers. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!
You learn at least one new thing every day, or - in this case - you could learn a whole bunch more than that! Read on to discover beauty facts that could help you reach your skincare, weight and intimate health goals. "Back to school" has never been so interesting!
What you want to feel fab when temps climb.
Beautiful new options for double chins, wrinkles and more are all right here.
Discover the difference between sugaring, waxing and laser hair removal.
The Season's most Desired Products and Treatments
The calendar says "spring," but in the SCV, temperatures are already climbing. Since the thermometer has a head start on summer, so should your beauty regimen.
The get-gorgeous color palette for bronzing, makeup, hair and nails is a click away.
From premature aging to waxing tips, we asked - and the pros answered!
Dreaming of skin that's smoother? Wishing for the days when your face had "bounce" and fullness? Wondering what will banish the wrinkles for more than just a few months?
Now that 2016 is here, we're looking down beyond our visage and noticing that there are some other spots that could use some love. Here's our 2016 plan. What's yours?
Look substantially younger by choosing the laser treatment right for you.
If you're like nearly 70 percent of adult Americans, you're bothered by the appearance of your "double chin." Called "submental fullness" in the medical community, this excess fat can make you look older and heavier, ruin your profile and make you cringe when it's time for photos.
News and numbers you should know.
Summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule a Mommy Makeover.
"Fat, when positioned appropriately, makes you look youthful," says Dr. Justin Heller, Valencia's favorite plastic surgeon. As we age, we lose fat and collagen - resulting in areas of laxity and signs of aging. This is very apparent in the face around the eyes, mouth and jowls but also occurs in all areas of our body. It is with this understanding that Dr. Heller performs his distinctive face and body sculpting procedures.
"After my divorce, I lost over 120 pounds. When I got married, I was tiny with a small frame. I only weighed 100 pounds on my wedding day! But I had a large baby and my body changed over the course of my relationship," says Kelly of Valencia. "When I dropped the weight, I felt even worse about myself. There was so much extra skin and my boobs were totally gone," says the Heller Plastic Surgery patient.
"I would definitely do it again," says DM, a recent patient of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia. "I look like me, only younger! If you compared the 'me' of today with a photo from a decade ago, we'd look the same. Dr. Heller is really a blessing."
If you've been considering breast implants but have been on the fence for fear that your augmentation would leave you looking more "beach ball" than "bathing beauty," you owe it to yourself to learn more about the newest implant technology and methods developed by board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Justin Heller.
Saggy, flat, dimpled, or entirely non-existent... That's how most over-30 women describe their tushes. "As women age, their rear loses definition," says Dr. Justin Heller, a board-certified plastic surgeon. "As the years pass, we lose fat where we want it and put it where we don't. It's Father Time's cruel joke, but we can outsmart the process with liposuction and lifts," explains the Yale trained surgeon.
Make your Next Bash One for the Record Books
After 10 years of publishing over 50 Wedding & Event Guides, we like to think we know our stuff. Here ou'll find Inside SCV's preferred vendors. These are the pros we hire ourselves and refer to our friends and family. Only our favorites are on these pages. Read on to meet the best of the best!
The year's best tips and trends for bridal bliss.
Everything you need for an event to remember.
Swoon Alert! You'll love these magical, romantic pictures!
Over the last 10 years, we've 'planned' a lot of weddings, picking out invites and flowers, arranging for hair and makeup, choosing venues. (Ok, Jeanna did the vast majority of that, but we watched!) Just like a 'real' wedding, it's been stressful - and magical! The feeling we get when it all comes together is nothing short of amazing. We love 'love,' and over the last decade, we've been inspired over and over by the beautiful expression of it within these pages.
Gifts that he will appreciate all year.
SCV's top picks for Mother's Day gifts.
Blue, Spring's favorite neutral, will make you anything but.
Get the look for a magical night!
Zip Up the Season's Trendiest Accent
Home is where the heart is, which is why these
domestic gifts are perfect for Valentine's Day.
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