During the holiday marathon of parties, family gatherings, school events, shopping, wrapping, cooking, packing and general stress scramble, take time to take care of the person at the head of the pack - you!
Life's too short to settle for boring bath soap and clearly-cracking purses.
Share your shine with those you love the most.
Most people will benefit greatly from a minor procedure to look their best and freshest. These procedures include Botox injections for wrinkles as well as fillers to plump up the lips or correct wrinkles on the lower face. A ViPeel treatment will eliminate sun spots, brown spots, pigmentation or fine wrinkles on the face.
Something bugging you about your visage? Have a "trouble spot" that needs a time out? Yeah, there's a laser for that.
You know what they say: The only thing that doesn't change is... change itself. If your body's changing in ways that you're less than thrilled about, you can change the way you think about it - or you can change what you do about it.
Whether you're chillin' this summer by freezing away fat or enjoying a hair-free, care-free day, these seasonal beauty treats will treat you right.
Can we all agree that slathering our faces with the same sunblock we use on our feet probably isn't the most ideal? Here you'll find the best blocks that nurture your delicate skin and provide added bonuses like anti-aging nutrients and even glowing tints. Once you're out of the sun, book one of these special sun-lovers treatments to reverse any past damage you've accumulated.
Treat them to soothing self care.
What you want to feel fab when temps climb.
Beautiful new options for double chins, wrinkles and more are all right here.
Discover the difference between sugaring, waxing and laser hair removal.
"I've never been the kind of person to get surgery, injections or even facials," says Gloria, 61, "but those lines right between my eyebrows - the '11s,' they really were giving me a mad, mean look. I kept thinking, 'someone in the grocery line is going to be worried I'm angry at them!' So, I got a little Botox from Dr. Heller to start - and then decided on a few other small treatments and procedures. I didn't want to look like I had anything 'done."
When you wake up and stumble into the bathroom, what you see in the mirror changes your perspective on the morning. Give yourself - and your day - a lift with these minimally- and non-invasive beauty boosts.
The incredible combination of the best in cosmetic surgery and skin treatments can now be found in one office - and patients couldn't be happier. Meet four women who've experienced life-changing results, thanks to Dr. Heller and his SKIN team.
Give your skin a big beauty boost!
There's no shortage of aesthetic treatment offices in Santa Clarita - so why all the excitement over SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery?
Most moms will quickly tell you that giving birth can be a highlight of a woman's life; what they might not mention is how carrying another person for nine months can have a lasting impact on their body in ways that make them feel "less" ... forever.
Shelly of Santa Clarita never really wanted breast surgery, but after three pregnancies, three breastfeeding infants and three "baby weight" losses, she had... three.
Whether you're chillin' this summer by freezing away fat or enjoying a hair-free, care-free day, these seasonal beauty treats will treat you right.
Our fave body-lovin' treatments that have us feeling cool and confident in - and out - of our bathing suits!
Get ready to love the summer skin you're in!
Laura, 57, has a message for women and men of every age. "When it comes to how you feel about yourself, how you feel when you look in the mirror, do what you need to do to build your confidence. Don't do it for your husband, or for society, or for anyone else. Do it for you - get it done! Plastic surgery... anything. Just do it. The mirror is unforgiving. Life is better when you feel good about yourself and how you look."
Victoria, 39, had a breast augmentation at Heller Plastic Surgery nearly four months ago, but when you ask her about it, this change was a much longer time coming. "I always knew that I would get this done; it was a matter of when," says the Westside resident. "I never hated my breasts or anything - but at an A cup, I really wanted to have a bigger chest so that my body looked more proportional."
Weddings declare to all in attendance that, no matter what's going on in the world, love can prevail. We need that reminder now more than ever - so do it up, have fun and share your joy!
When you're planning a wedding or other big event, the world can look downright rosy - and it should! You're celebrating all that's right in your world, so choose local vendors who have a reputation for getting it right, too. Here are our favorites.
Ready to say, "I do!" to Santa Clarita's very best wedding and event vendors? We already have! These are the people we call when we're planning an event to remember of any size. They're the ones we refer when our friends call - and the ones we're proud to call friends. We know you'll love them as much as we do!
Walking down the aisle in 2018? Here are our top picks for clever customization!
Bridal beauty, rentals, venues, vendors, tips and more!
Your 12-month bridal timeline, complete with the perfect vendors.
Our Give Greatly gift guide is full of shop-local inspiration!
Grab your SO, BFF or DD/DS, because duo costumes are the top Halloween trend of '18!
Fabulous fall transition pieces you'll want to wear now.
Wendy Smith has owned a thriving business (BlingityBling sells blinged-out boots, Converse and custom team apparel.) with a storefront on Avenue Stanford for 8 years - but it wasn't until she decided to buy an 18-by-20-foot truck and load it with easy-breezy beach styles that she was able to take it on the road.
What moms want for Mother's Day!
Prom perfection can be yours - thanks to these local vendors.
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