The year's most coveted gifts are all here - both in the following pages and the community you call home! Shop local for these fabulous finds and you'll "gift" twice - once to your lucky recipient and again to a local small business owner who's grateful for your patronage.
Halloween fantasy comes to life with custom makeup and more.
Beauty breakthroughs without surgery keep us looking forever young.
Up your beauty smarts with this need-to-know piece.
Summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule a Mommy Makeover.
From premature aging to waxing tips, we asked - and the pros answered!
What you want to feel fab when temps climb.
Beautiful new options for double chins, wrinkles and more are all right here.
Discover the difference between sugaring, waxing and laser hair removal.
The Season's most Desired Products and Treatments
The calendar says "spring," but in the SCV, temperatures are already climbing. Since the thermometer has a head start on summer, so should your beauty regimen.
The get-gorgeous color palette for bronzing, makeup, hair and nails is a click away.
When I asked the pros at DermaCure for the newest, best treatment for my aging skin, I didn't expect the procedure to involve a blood draw - but that's exactly what I signed up for once I saw the Vampire Facial® "before and after" photos. Over and over again, images of women and men with tighter, smoother, glowing skin appeared before my eyes - and I was ready for my own Kim Kardasian blood-spattered Instagram moment. (Kim's a fan - and so is Angelina Jolie!).
From premature aging to waxing tips, we asked - and the pros answered!
Dreaming of skin that's smoother? Wishing for the days when your face had "bounce" and fullness? Wondering what will banish the wrinkles for more than just a few months?
Now that 2016 is here, we're looking down beyond our visage and noticing that there are some other spots that could use some love. Here's our 2016 plan. What's yours?
Look substantially younger by choosing the laser treatment right for you.
If you're like nearly 70 percent of adult Americans, you're bothered by the appearance of your "double chin." Called "submental fullness" in the medical community, this excess fat can make you look older and heavier, ruin your profile and make you cringe when it's time for photos.
If you are wishing you could hit the holiday party circuit feeling fresh faced, these ideas might be just what the doctor ordered.
"I would definitely do it again," says DM, a recent patient of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia. "I look like me, only younger! If you compared the 'me' of today with a photo from a decade ago, we'd look the same. Dr. Heller is really a blessing."
"I chose to invest in my appearance at a younger age because I take pride in looking my best," says S.S. of Valencia, when asked why she chose to have a "half" face and neck lift at 46 years old.
"Dimples," "cottage cheese" or "cellulite." It doesn't really matter what we name those little divots in our buttocks and thighs; what we'd like to call them is "gone."
Non-invasive & Outpatient Options to Feel Slim & Trim
"I've always been small - really small," shares Jennifer, 33, of Santa Clarita. "I was totally out of proportion. Having tiny breasts affected me so much that when I graduated from high school, my parents offered to pay for implants - that's how bad my body shape affected my self esteem, my relationships, my choices, my life!"
What's on trend - and in stores now - for your wedding.
"Oh, happy day!" is what you'll say when you check out this cheerful bridal feature.
2016's top wedding and event trends - all in one spot!
Make your Next Bash One for the Record Books
After 10 years of publishing over 50 Wedding & Event Guides, we like to think we know our stuff. Here ou'll find Inside SCV's preferred vendors. These are the pros we hire ourselves and refer to our friends and family. Only our favorites are on these pages. Read on to meet the best of the best!
The year's best tips and trends for bridal bliss.
From graphic and bold to fine and feminine, this year's "Best In Class" comes courtesy of divine design.
Gifts that he will appreciate all year.
SCV's top picks for Mother's Day gifts.
Blue, Spring's favorite neutral, will make you anything but.
Get the look for a magical night!
Zip Up the Season's Trendiest Accent
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