Have a heart for SCV seniors by donating gifts, soup and more.
Help US veterans hear better - plus learn about respite care.
Take care of your senior - and yourself - by scheduling respite care.
Healthy eating habits make all the difference for seniors.
What to do now about all those prescriptions in the cupboard.
Hearing health - explained!
"I missed work a lot; I missed everything a lot! I could be in bed for two days at a time," recalls Robin R., a 44-year-old wife, mom of 4, SCV resident and nurse. "It was every single day. It was so hard to concentrate because I was just consumed by pain. I was grouchy all the time, so I isolated myself. I didn't want to affect my kids, co-workers and husband. And I never wanted to do anything because I always felt terrible. I would just end up lying on the couch, trying to make it go away."
Hi Dr. Moza. I've got a problem... disc herniation to be specific. I tried the physical therapy and medication route and I didn't get much relief. Unfortunately, I think it's time for surgery. What are my options?
Stacy quietly cried as she explained the toll chronic headache, neck and shoulder pain has had on her life. "It took sheer will power to get through the day," she emotionally recalled, tears streaming down her face. "You try to prepare yourself mentally for the next day because you know the week isn't over yet. You spend your whole day off trying to rest and recover and then it's back to work again."
Hi Dr. Moza. I'm writing today to complain. It seems like every surgeon is saying that they now do "minimally invasive" spine surgery. Is that really true? I'm scheduled for surgery next month and I'm wondering if all "minimally-invasive" surgeons are the same or if there's any difference between methods and results.
Hi Dr. Moza. I've been diagnosed with lumbar degenerative disc disease. Not only am I in pain, but I've got to tell you - this is really affecting my psychological health. I thought I'd feel better once I found out what was causing all my discomfort, but I don't. I'm depressed. I feel like, at only 48, my life is over. I am afraid of not being able to live life the way I want to after surgery, and my quality of life has already taken a hit because my mobility and comfort is much more limited now. My wife is furious at me for putting off surgery, but I'm not convinced that it'll make any difference.
Hi Dr. Moza. Most people write to you hoping to hear that they don't have to have surgery. I'm on the opposite end of that spectrum. I not only know I need spine surgery, I'm looking forward to it. My problem is this: I'm not quite sure how I'm going to fit this into my busy life, let alone pay for it. I'd love to experience the holidays "pain free" for the first time in years. Is that even possible this late in the game?
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Hi Dr. Moza. I'm writing today because I'm worried about my husband. He's 43 and has been pretty active his whole life, but began complaining of back pain a few years ago. At first, he treated it with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. When that wasn't enough on the "bad" days, he'd have to go to urgent care - once, even the emergency room - for pain relief.
Find out how your cataract surgery can result in the best vision you've ever had.
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