Learn how heart health and hearing are related - and more.
The best reason you'll ever have to buy soup in bulk.
On a clear, warm and breezy day, over 200 supporters - including an expansive collection of state, regional and local dignitaries - gathered at the site of the future Santa Clarita Senior Center on Golden Valley Road to officially break ground on what will be a facility three times the size of the existing Center in Newhall.
The SCV Senior Center's New Building Campaign recently made an exciting announcement - the Campaign now only has $1.3 million remaining to raise before groundbreaking on the site can begin.
Recently, the SCV Senior Center New Building Campaign announced that over $450,000 had been raised since February - moving our community closer to groundbreaking on the new SCV Senior Center and bringing the total still needed to be raised to $1.3 million.
The SCV Senior Center's New Building Campaign made an exciting announcement today - the Campaign now only has $1.3 million remaining to raise before groundbreaking on the site can begin.
Dr. Kapil Moza, World-recognized Neurosurgeon, Launches Centurion Surgical Center Boasting Largest Ambulatory Operating Room in California
"I missed work a lot; I missed everything a lot! I could be in bed for two days at a time," recalls Robin R., a 44-year-old wife, mom of 4, SCV resident and nurse. "It was every single day. It was so hard to concentrate because I was just consumed by pain. I was grouchy all the time, so I isolated myself. I didn't want to affect my kids, co-workers and husband. And I never wanted to do anything because I always felt terrible. I would just end up lying on the couch, trying to make it go away."
Hi Dr. Moza. I've got a problem... disc herniation to be specific. I tried the physical therapy and medication route and I didn't get much relief. Unfortunately, I think it's time for surgery. What are my options?
Stacy quietly cried as she explained the toll chronic headache, neck and shoulder pain has had on her life. "It took sheer will power to get through the day," she emotionally recalled, tears streaming down her face. "You try to prepare yourself mentally for the next day because you know the week isn't over yet. You spend your whole day off trying to rest and recover and then it's back to work again."
Hi Dr. Moza. I'm writing today to complain. It seems like every surgeon is saying that they now do "minimally invasive" spine surgery. Is that really true? I'm scheduled for surgery next month and I'm wondering if all "minimally-invasive" surgeons are the same or if there's any difference between methods and results.
Hi Dr. Moza. I've been diagnosed with lumbar degenerative disc disease. Not only am I in pain, but I've got to tell you - this is really affecting my psychological health. I thought I'd feel better once I found out what was causing all my discomfort, but I don't. I'm depressed. I feel like, at only 48, my life is over. I am afraid of not being able to live life the way I want to after surgery, and my quality of life has already taken a hit because my mobility and comfort is much more limited now. My wife is furious at me for putting off surgery, but I'm not convinced that it'll make any difference.
Here's where to drop off soup for seniors!
Holidays can hurt - here's when to head to your favorite urgent care facility.
Help raise money for the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center this month.
New developments in breast-cancer care.
The SCV Senior Center still needs your donations - make yours at
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Cobblestone Cottage donates 15 percent of sales & more.
Local Dentist goes the Extra Mile (Literally!) for Patient with Terminal Cancer
I don't usually get medical-procedure advice from Khloe Kardashian, but when she overshared, "My sisters, they've had kids, and there's a vagina lasering thing to tighten. So in my household, all they do is talk about this vagina laser," I had to learn more. After all, I'm a mom who's given birth to three kids. If there's a way to feel better "down there," I want to know about it.
No one needs to battle addiction alone. At Common Bond Rehab Center, clients have the option of living in their own home or in the nearby sober-living space with the support of staff and counselors. Highly-qualified clinicians use evidence-based treatment methods to help you get clean as quickly and painlessly as possible so that you can achieve your goal of leading an addiction-free life.
Just 4 Us Girls is a clean-living residence designed to provide you with a safe, sober environment after primary treatment. Knowing that your long-term success in beating addiction depends largely on the continued care you receive after making the decision to regain control of your life, Just 4 Us Girls is a place where you can feel secure with the support of your peers. Patients develop healthy coping skills and daily habits to prevent relapse - as well as engage in exercise and group activity with amenities such as the volleyball and basketball courts, lap pool and gym. There is also TV/DVR access and Wifi, allowing you to maintain the equilibrium between socializing and taking time to take care of yourself.
Gift them with a healthier, happier life with the help of these local hot spots.
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