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January, 2019 - Issue #172
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New Year's Resolutions for your Family's Mouth
Model good flossing habits daily. Yes, it's a chore - but you're setting your children up for a lifetime of better oral and overall health when you do it. Plus, you'll save yourself big bucks on dental treatments. Bonus: When you floss with your kids, you'll keep yourself accountable, too.
Buy quality toothbrushes and swap them out at first sign of wear. If your toothbrush looks frayed or smooshed, it's not doing its job. Toss and replace.
Be smart about sweets. Teach your kids this refrain: "The stickier, the ickier!" Candies and treats that can get stuck between and on teeth are a dentist's worst nightmare. Teach your kids to choose fruit over candy and, when a sweet treat is warranted, to wash it down with plenty of water - and then brush at the first opportunity.
Santa Clarita Children's Dental 735-1500


"Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts is unlike any other. After my initial audit of SCSOPA, I was hooked. Mike welcomed me like family from the moment I walked through the front door. He was never pushy with the amount of classes I should take, instead he asked questions about my interest in the industry and how far I wanted to take my career. When he mentioned the fact that the school had agents and managers coming every weekend, I was a little skeptical, but within my first week at SCSOPA I was in front of a legitimate Los Angeles talent agency that I was able to look up and verify online. After only one month at the school I had landed an agent. Not just any agent but one who has, in a short time, sent me out on auditions for things such as: General Hospital, commercials filming in China, promo shoots in Vegas and much more. The amount of passion and compassion that fills the air at Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts is almost beyond belief. SCSOPA is a safe and exciting place to pursue your craft and expand on your love and professionalism within the industry."
Sydney Carvill

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Kids can't get Enough of Netflix's "Ponysitters Club?"
Give them the Real Thing!

"Ponysitters Club," Netflix's animal-rescue family series that is enjoying sweeping popularity, has children the world over asking, "Can we please live on a farm and have stables?" The answer to that question, especially for families in the SCV, is probably "no," but that doesn't mean you can't connect your kids to what they're really asking: "Can I be around and ride horses?"
That's a quandary that's easier to answer in the affirmative, thanks to Santa Clarita's Don-E-Brook Farms, located just a minute off Copperhill on San Franciscito Road. Only a moment from the "city," this place feels much like the rural community the Ponysitters call home and, just like the show, kids at Don-E-Brook get to pet, talk to and ride horses.
It's a magical experience for a child who covets an equestrian connection like the ones on their favorite show. Take your child on a trail ride - it's only $35 an hour per person - or sign them up for some affordable weekly lessons. If they want to be a "Ponysitter," help them achieve it! You could have a future veterinarian or animal rescuer on your hands.
Don-E-Brook Farms 296-9995

Adoption Home Study Program Now Available
Adoption is a meaningful way for individuals and couples to fulfill their dream of parenting. There are approximately 64,000 children in foster care in California - and Los Angeles County's foster care population exceeds 21,000 children with 200 foster children waiting to be connected to a family who will adopt. If your heart is ready for a child, now's the time - you're needed!
Children's Bureau also offers a Domestic /Independent Adoption Home Study Program for families seeking the adoption of an infant whose birth mother is making an adoption plan for her newborn child. In addition to adoption home studies, Children's Bureau provides approval of Interstate Compact packets, post placement supervision visits and reports, and finalization services when the birth mother delivers her baby in another state and the family/birth mother is working with an adoption agency.
Discover if you have the willingness, ability and resources to take on the challenge of helping a child in need. A monthly information meeting is being held Saturday, December 15 from 10am to 12pm at Children's Bureau in Valencia.

What do you do when your child has a friend who is pushy, overbearing or increasingly unkind? You might wonder if it's possible to ship all the people who pose a challenge off to some island far away, and that's normal. But while I've had that gut reaction in the past, too, what I have found even more empowering is this. Use it as a fierce training opportunity.
Imagine this scenario exists specifically to expose an area of your child's development that could use some strength training. If we can teach them about eating healthy and taking care of good hygiene, then we can also teach them about healthy boundaries. Saying "No, I don't like that," or "No, I don't want to do that," as soon as a situation arises instantly draws a line in the sand of what is tolerable. The friend will either shift and learn to adjust to the boundary or the friend will naturally disappear over time.
Sometimes, strong words and tones aren't enough. Your child might need to use her words, then walk away. Having the ability to walk away takes strength and confidence. A child who is afraid of losing a friend will put up with the unloving behavior. This is where you get to be the child's coach at home.
Fill your child up with so much love, she doesn't need to seek it from her peers. Do more of the things that light her up so she can fill her own love tank. Give her every opportunity to do things that build her confidence.
When she's willing to talk about the challenging friendship, give her insight into why someone might be that way. Then, tell her that it's not ok and how to deal with it in a confident and compassionate way. It is our job to teach others how to treat us. Effective communication is one of the keys to creating the life you want. Learning this as a child is immensely powerful. When they become old enough to date or get a job, these are tools that give them confidence and strength to choose healthy partners or stand up to a boss. Let your loving guidance lead the way.
Mary Tan is a speaker, coach and author of "The Empowered Child," published by Morgan James NY, now available on Amazon. She lives with her two little girls, husband and dwarf bunnies in Valencia.

The Newest Preventive Orthodontic Treatment: Myobrace
Waiting until all permanent teeth have come through to begin treatment with braces can unfortunately lead to irreversible damage affecting not only the teeth, but also the child's overall health and development.
The Myobrace System is preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth, often without the need for braces or extraction of teeth, unlocking natural growth and development. Treatment is best suited to children aged 3 to 15 and involves using a series of removable intra-oral appliances that are worn for one to two hours each day, plus overnight while sleeping.
Poor oral habits are evident before all permanent teeth are present, which means treatment of the causes can begin much earlier than originally thought. This can be as early as 3 years of age! Myobrace is designed to deal with these incorrect myofunctional habits by teaching children to breathe through their nose, rest the tongue correctly on the roof of the mouth, swallow correctly and continue widening the jaws so they grow to their full and proper size. This results in sufficient room for the teeth, allowing them to come in naturally straight and often without the need for braces.
Kidz Dental Care 388-0499
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