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Chances are that there's an extra can of soup (or three) in your cupboards - here's how to share it with a local senior.
Hearing aids are as unique as the people who wear them. Here's what to think about before you choose.
Being hard of hearing makes life harder - here's the solution.
Turn that music down! Baby Boomers who've harmed their hearing, plus senior heat care
What's the big deal with hearing aids, anyway?
Does hearing loss have something to do with dementia?
If there's a senior in your life, this is the time to learn how to make every day Valentine's Day!
The Baby Boomers may have harmed their hearing more than once thought.
Be a Santa to a Senior returns - and there's a senior in the SCV who needs you.
You get what you pay for when it comes to hearing aids, plus how to prevent falls.
Take better care of seniors coping with diabetes and hearing loss.
Hearing loss doesn't just affect the person who can no longer hear well - it affects everyone.
What's the smartest way for seniors to manage their meds? Find out here.
Keep the seniors in your life safe and happy with these life-saving tips.
"My name is Anita. In addition to my role as a caregiver for Visiting Angels, I am a wife, mother of two teenagers and also work as a professional vocalist with my saxophonist/husband Jim."
Dementia is hard for the person who has it - and for the people who are caring for them. Here's help.
Often, the care of an aging or disabled family member is provided by a spouse or children. They're unsung heroes - cooking, cleaning, driving, medicating, comforting, without complaint - or a break.
What hearing-aid myths do you believe? Dispell the fibs and know the truth about listening devices in the 21st century
When my sisters and I were little, our Grandpa "Lefty" would sneak out at the conclusion of every Christmas party, well after we thought that the last gift was opened, and return with a black Hefty trash bag filled to the brim with presents wrapped in newspaper. I can count my memorable childhood Christmas gifts on one hand, and it's no coincidence that at least four of them were wrapped in the Sunday comics.
In the United States, 6,000 people turn 65 years of age every day. One in five Americans will be older than age 65 by the year 2030 [American Association of Retired Persons, 2003]. Clearly, the country is seeing a staggering increase in the number of seniors living and participating in our community. This population increase has resulted in many new, necessary options for senior living. Because the majority of seniors today say they would like to age in their own homes, the number of in-home senior services are growing rapidly. But not all in-home senior care is the same.
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