A Celebrity Favorite
EMSculpt NEO is Changing Lives
April, 2022 - Issue #209
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

"In my practice, I'm INCREDIBLY SELECTIVE when it comes to new treatment modalities. My patients have come to expect exceptional outcomes from our office, so I only allow products and technology that can clearly deliver on the promise of phenomenal results. After rigorously testing EMSculpt NEO, I'm proud to offer it at LA Vein Center. Combining two highly-effective therapies in a single treatment has been a game changer for our EMSculpt patients. While many of them have successfully used the EMSculpt NEO to finally achieve those evasive 'six-pack' abs, other patients have LOST INCHES - the EMSculpt can treat patients with a BMI up to 35. Treatments are fast, intense, non-invasive and produce results."
Dr. Larisse Lee, Harvard- & Stanford-trained board certified surgeon & owner of LA Vein Center
Drew Barrymore. Kim Kardashian. Lisa Rinna. Kim Zolciak-Biermann. They're some of the world's most famous women - and they have told the globe that EMSculpt treatments have changed their bodies for the better. Now, the all-new EMSculpt NEO is helping celebs - and regular folks like you and me - achieve fitness goals like never before.
"The EMSculpt NEO is an FDA-approved medical device that has shown to both melt fat at the treatment site and increase muscle growth," explains Dr. Larisse Lee of LA Vein Center. "It delivers gold-standard results for less time and less money than any other non-invasive method I've seen. Celebrities - and my patients - absolutely love it."
Using radio-frequency and HIFEM+ technology that stimulates thousands of intense muscle contractions, the EMSculpt NEO destroys fat cells and tones your body in just four sessions over several weeks.

The "Mommy Makeover" that's Making Over the Industry
Traditionally, a "Mommy Makeover" is a combination of invasive surgical procedures that require months of recovery time - and come with restrictions like, "Don't pick up your child for the next six to eight weeks."
For many, it's too expensive, too risky and too focused on aesthetics over function. "The EMSculpt NEO has turned the Mommy Makeover industry on its head," explains Dr. Lee. "Of course, today's mothers want to look more like themselves pre-baby, but they also miss their muscle tone and function - they're chasing after kids, so they need it now more than ever."
That's what led world-famous actress Molly Sims to EMSculpt NEO. On her Instagram Stories, Sims shared that she gained significant weight during her last pregnancies and had lost tone in her abdomen. Sims explained her choice of the EMSculpt NEO: "In terms of having three kids, instead of going under the knife, this is the best option for me." The actress stated that she began seeing a difference at her second session. Fellow famous mom Jenny McCarthy has also taken to social media to share her EMSculpt NEO transformation, describing the intense muscle contractions as a, "piece of cake!"
Because EMSculpt NEO has been proven to simultaneously melt fat while building muscle during the short 30-minute treatment sessions - and can produce visible results after a patient's initial treatments, with improved results over time - it's the perfect partner to a busy mother's self care plan.
"Our patients are saying that their jeans feel less tight after the series of four and, after a few months, they're sending us pictures of them confidently smiling in bathing suits. It's incredibly fulfilling to witness so many women regaining strength, feeling proud of their figures again," shares Dr. Lee, who has experienced her own EMSculpt NEO benefits. "My clothes are fitting a lot better," she shares.
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