A Lower-face Lift Raises a 55 Year Old's Self Esteem
December, 2017 - Issue #159
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courtesy of Shutterstock
Amy* had been thinking about getting a lower face lift and a fat transfer to her hands for a long time. "At 55 years old, my frustration with some elements of my appearance were very obvious and present to me. It was always in the back of my mind," says the Valencia resident.

What was not: Which doctor she trusted to perform her procedures. "I researched a lot of credentials. There are some very good doctors in this town and others, lots with great experience. But when I spoke to them, I felt like they were business people before they were surgeons. I wanted a doctor who would be a 'doctor' first - and a business owner second."

Amy found that in board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Heller. "Dr. Heller and his team at Heller Plastic Surgery ticked off all the boxes. They were genuine and very kind. Dr. Heller's education and background is phenomenal and I felt a really comfortable, nice connection with both Dr. Heller and his staff. He has an incredible team backing him up, both in his office and at the surgical center," she says.

"The general consensus of people who know me very well, and have no problem telling me uncomfortable truths, is that Dr. Heller did SUCH A BEAUTIFUL JOB. I look a lot younger and rested. My friends and family say that I look like I am in my early 40s, even now at 55. I look just like 'me,' just a 'me' that is 15 years younger!"
Amy of Valencia
Her results were as notable as her positive experience. "I was so ready to get rid of my jowels," says Amy. "But I didn't want to look pulled at all. My neck and lower face look very, very natural. I think I look 'youthful' and when I look in the mirror, I like what I see again! I say, 'I look good!' The same goes for my hands. I have a thin build and my hands were very bony and veiny. The fat transfer really made them look a lot better and younger!"

"We performed a minimally-invasive fat transfer for Amy, removing a small amount of fat from the back of her waist and then using that tissue to naturally rejuvenate and add volume to her upper cheeks, around her mouth and in the nasal-labial folds. We also used her own fat to add a layer above the bones and veins in her hand, which - because of her age, lower weight and genetics - aged her," says Dr. Heller. "Thanks to the fat transfer, the new stem cells introduced to these areas will work to build collagen and improve the overall tone of the skin, too," explains the specialist.

"The entire process was shockingly simple," says Amy. "Dr. Heller is very gentle. I never had a lot of pain, not at any point, and I didn't even have any real bruising - just a tiny little bruise on one side of my face. That was it!" she says. "If you want to change the way you look, if it will make you feel better about yourself every time you look in the mirror or leave the house, do it. Don't worry about what other people will say. Do it. This has been such a positive experience for me. I now love the way I look when I see my reflection," encourages Amy.
*Not her real name.Heller Plastic Surgery is located in the Atrium Building next to City Hall in Valencia. The comfortable, well-appointed office is now accepting patients and scheduling complimentary consultations.

Dr. Heller's Education and Experiences
American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certification
MOHS Fellowship
University of California Irvine Orthopaedic Hand & Microsurgery Fellowship
University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Residency with specialization in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
UCLA Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Craniofacial Research Fellowship
Yale University School of Medicine
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