A Plastic Surgery Story
My Consultation with Dr. Heller
October, 2015 - Issue #132
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Back-story: My three children are my beloved blessings - and yet they've destroyed my body. I'm all about embracing my "stripes" (Stretch marks!) and loving myself, but six years after my last pregnancy, I've come to the conclusion that this is something I need to get back the confidence I had years ago! I'll absolutely love clothes shopping again. I will love going to the beach and pool again. It comes down to this: I miss looking hot. For me, this is the right call.

What I did: Through the magazine, I've come to know Dr. Heller as a talented plastic surgeon.

I've studied all his ultra-impressive before and afters for work; I've talked to his super-happy clients. Most importantly, though, I've known him to be highly accessible, warm and willing to invest time "just to chat" about what I want out of surgery. Calling him for a consult was a no-brainer.

How the consult started: I started the process with Sandy, who is just the sweetest! She got me scheduled and talked to me about what to expect. She was so personal and friendly. When she told me that I'd have the cell numbers for both her and the doctor - just in case I had questions or concerns after hours or on weekends - I knew that this wasn't a "regular" plastic surgery office.

I love having concierge service!

The plan: Dr. Heller and I made a plan! We're starting with liposuction, which can be done in the office painlessly. I'm confident that, like his other patients, I'll feel great after 48 hours - but I know I can reach out to Sandy at any time to get a prescription refill. Ana, his practice manager, made sure that all my medical clearance info and medication prescriptions were streamlined and ready to go. All I have to do is show up! I can't wait!
Heller Plastic Surgery is located in the Atrium Building next to City Hall in Valencia. The comfortable, well-appointed office is now accepting patients and scheduling complimentary consultations.

Don't take my Word for It
Testimonials from Actual Clients

"I [now] feel very confident about my appearance. Not only is Dr. Heller a superstar in my eyes but, his staff is as well. Both his office manager, Ana, and his patient coordinator, Sandy, made each visit fun and comfortable; they were also very efficient at scheduling... I highly recommend Dr. Heller Plastic Surgery to any patient needing a breast augmentation and I have referred several friends already. I have returned for a routine post-op check up and once again my time at their office was well spent. They have such a professional and comforting set up. A consultation with Dr. Heller is a must,"
Courtenay P.

"I could not be happier with Dr. Heller, his amazing work and his caring staff. During our consultation, Dr. Heller really listened to what I was looking for and made me confident we could get the results I wanted. Dr. Heller performed a tummy tuck and created a body for me that was better than before and better than I ever imagined. My confidence has literally skyrocketed!,"
Regina M.

Dr. Heller's Education and Experiences
American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certification
MOHS Fellowship
University of California Irvine Orthopaedic Hand & Microsurgery Fellowship
University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Residency with specialization in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
UCLA Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Craniofacial Research Fellowship
Yale University School of Medicine
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