A Tighter Tummy for Everyone
But which Method is Right for You?
September, 2015 - Issue #131
There's a treatment available for every type of tummy, but which one is right for you? After a chat with Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia, we've narrowed it down!
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"Patients see a DRAMATIC change in clothing sizes, a huge boost in confidence and a substantially-younger looking body. It is a great honor to be a part of such a significant transformation."
Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery
Tone Skin, Too Much Fat, Minimal Down Time
"There are men, women and even personal trainers who have good skin quality but despite all efforts can't get rid of fat in their midsection," says the board-certified plastic surgeon. Liposuction is ideal for removing unwanted fat from these areas and sculpting definition with minimal downtime and discomfort. As with any exceptional procedure, it's not just about what you take out, but what you leave behind. "My process removes the unwanted areas and then leaves a very fine layer of microscopic grafts. This final step has been shown to rejuvenate and smooth the overlying skin, add definition, and optimizes the appearance of youth."

Tummy Tuck
For Bellies with Excess Fat/Skin,
Plus Cellulite on Outer Thighs

The hallmark difference between "lipo alone" or a tummy tuck is this: Do you have excess skin and loose muscle that needs attention? If so, a tummy tuck is going to be your best bet.
"A full tummy tuck whittles the waist in a variety of ways," says Dr. Heller. "When women are pregnant the area between the muscles in the middle of the belly separates and expands permanently. It's like letting out a dress in the area between the breasts and the hips, this leaves a boxy and unflattering shape. By restoring these muscles back to the middle the hour-glass curves and hips can be redefined. Excess skin and stretch marks are removed, but not only is the tummy improved but the outer thighs are lifted too. Even cellulite of the thighs is reduced."

Dr Heller has also pioneered the use of liposuction in abdominoplasty. With his paper, "Outcome Analysis of Combined Lipoabdominoplasty versus Conventional Abdominoplasty," he showed that liposuction can actually decrease complications, improve outcomes, satisfaction, and aesthetics when performed with a tummy tuck. With this combined approach "Women can't believe how many years are taken off their bodies! A recent patient couldn't wait to get into a bikini for the first time in two decades!"

Mini Tummy Tuck
For Bellies with Mild Excess Skin & Loose Muscles
Those with mild redundancy in their middle may want to consider a mini tummy tuck. "When we do a mini tummy tuck, I address the stretching of the muscles to bring back that youthful silhouette," says Dr. Heller. "It's a smaller procedure that can be done through a minimal incision or endoscopically for those who only need a little help to get their bodies back where they want them to be."

No matter whether or not you choose a mini or full tummy tuck, you'll see stretch marks disappear and hips drawn back in, shares the surgeon.
Heller Plastic Surgery is located in the Atrium Building next to City Hall in Valencia. The comfortable, well-appointed office is now accepting patients and scheduling complimentary consultations. 661-233-4949

Dr. Heller's Education and Experiences
American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certification
MOHS Fellowship
University of California Irvine Orthopaedic Hand & Microsurgery Fellowship
University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Residency with specialization in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
UCLA Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Craniofacial Research Fellowship
Yale University School of Medicine
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