Art Teacher Learns to Love the Mirror
April, 2018 - Issue #163
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Laura, 57, has a message for women and men of every age. "When it comes to how you feel about yourself, how you feel when you look in the mirror, do what you need to do to build your confidence. Don't do it for your husband, or for society, or for anyone else. Do it for you - get it done! Plastic surgery... anything. Just do it. The mirror is unforgiving. Life is better when you feel good about yourself and how you look."
The sage advice comes from a place of experience. "My entire life, since puberty, my breasts were 'off,' by a full cup size. On one side I was an A cup; the other, a B. Ever since I was a teenager, I had to wear 'cutlets' - padding - on one side of my bra so that I wouldn't have a gaping, empty cup. I also had children, and that changed how my breasts looked. Finally, I reached a point where I said to myself, 'I have 30, 35 good years left. I want to enjoy them. My daughter gave me some crap - saying, 'A boob job, at your age?' Yeah, I wish I had done it earlier, but now that I have, I am so, so happy. My clothes fit better and I feel much more feminine. The confidence I have now is very sexy to my husband, too - we've been married 34 years! It's a new me! He thinks that Dr. Heller's work is perfect and says that I look like I was born with them. The Gummy Bear implants we chose look and feel very, very natural."
"I'm no longer avoiding the mirror. Now I'm seeking it out and saying, 'I look good!' I'm more comfortable with myself. I'm really, really happy. Dr. Heller LISTENED to what I wanted and gave me just that. He told me exactly what to expect, before and after, and he was right every time. He knows his stuff! And his staff treats me like a friend. This has been an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE."
Laura, 57
Laura went to Dr. Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery for her breast augmentation, since she had such a great experience with him when she had an under-eye and eyelid procedure several years prior. "I had very prominent genetic bags under my eyes. Dr. Heller removed that fat pad and cleaned up skin and fat around the top, too, because my eyelids were saggy. I look so much younger and better; I think it took off 10 years. Even when I felt good and energetic, my face didn't reflect that. I wanted my eyes to look how I felt on the inside, and now they do! I knew that if I had anything else done, I would want to do it with Dr. Heller and his amazing, kind staff. He really listens and does what you want - and he's wonderful at follow up and answering all your questions and worries in a very respectful, patient and warm way. I want a neck lift next - and I know that Dr. Heller will do it in a way that makes everything look so natural and perfect. He has an eye for detail and I should know - I'm an art teacher. His work is pristine," shares Laura.
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Dr. Heller's Education and Experiences
American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certification
MOHS Fellowship
University of California Irvine Orthopaedic Hand & Microsurgery Fellowship
University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Residency with specialization in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
UCLA Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Craniofacial Research Fellowship
Yale University School of Medicine
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