Bathing Beauty
July, 2016 - Issue #141
Treatments & Tricks for a Better Beach Bod
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Feel Sexier with Electro-therapy Software
Technology is the greatest sometimes, or at least we think so when it helps us tone, tighten and lose inches and pounds. ForeverSlim SCV uses a custom software program that specializes in area-specific body sculpting through the use of skin-contact electrodes. These electrodes deliver waves of pulses deeply through your muscular systems to target your most troublesome areas. With repetitive variable pulse frequencies, your muscles get a major workout; because of the powerful contractions, rapid fat and calorie loss is experienced. The electrodes also stimulate lymph movement and release toxins, resulting in smoother skin and a healthier you. Many clients lose an entire pant size in less than eight sessions, making this the perfect pre-beach plan. Check out the special on page 84 for a package discount.
ForeverSlim SCV 313-4878

Brazilian Butt Lifts Positioned to Outnumber Breast Augmentation
Sexy Summer Bodies Benefit from "Two-in-one" Effect
While the overall number of plastic surgery procedures performed continues to rise annually, breast and buttock lifts are rapidly on the upswing. Possibly due to the influence of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, buttock lifts in particular have massively grown in popularity and public appeal this year. While breast augmentation still remains the most sought after plastic surgery procedure, it may soon be overtaken by procedures intending to add shape and contour to a patient's behind.

When it comes to the latest plastic surgery trends, one thing that has made the Brazilian butt lift so popular is its "two-in-one" effect. By using a patient's own body fat obtained via liposuction from such areas as the love handles, thighs or belly, a plastic surgeon is not only able to remove unwanted fat from specific areas, but also sculpt a fuller, more voluptuous behind. Due to the exceptionally-natural results and shaping that this procedure offers, this is quickly becoming the most popular cosmetic surgery option for women today. Whether patients' motivations behind pursuing this procedure involve revitalizing their figure after giving birth as part of a mommy makeover, or looking to boost their confidence for swimsuit season, patients agree that the results are consistently outstanding. Whatever will give you the confidence to put on a bathing suit this summer, a free consultation with a board certified doctor at Beverly Hills Physicians is the first step to obtaining your ideal bikini body. 249-4040

No Time for Perfection? Make "Tan" your Plan
There's a popular meme going around that says, "I don't diet, I tan." When you choose airbrush tanning, bumps, dimples and flaws seem to disappear as rich, deep, natural-looking color revitalizes you from head to toe. Using a paraben- and cruelty-free vegan formula that moisturizes your bod, The Sweetest Skin Co.'s "Best of SCV" award-winning sugaring and tanning pros will give you airbrush options that range from two-hour to seven-to-eight hour developing times. The best part is that you can combine services for your maximum beauty benefit. Organic vegan sugar hair removal can immediately precede your tan sesh so that you're smooth and tan. "Sugaring" is a less painful, kinder-to-the-skin way to sweetly remove hair. The Sweetest LA Bikini is what's trending now. It is like a Brazilian, except you're "entertainment ready" and pretty for whatever life holds right after your appointment. Now get the "Fabulous in 50" special to feel your sweet-sexiest before all those summer weddings and events. In about 50 minutes, experience an Express Facial, Sweet LA Bikini service and airbrush tan for only $135.
The Sweetest Skin Co. 476-5775

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Beautify your Brows for a Summer Full of Selfies
Summertime and the selfies are multiplying - everyone sharing their good looks. When you flip that camera around, are you putting up your best face? Make sure with a visit to WAX by Heather Nelson. If your brows or facial hair needs a little work, she can quickly turn your looks from meh to magnificent.
Her Yelp ratings are consistently five star and her experience and professionalism keep her at the top of the "don't miss" list. Along with creating your most photographable face, she's also an expert in Brazilian waxing. Why not treat yourself to a great look that will make your selfie the viral buzz you want to share?
WAX by Heather Nelson 644-4346

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courtesy of Shutterstock
Carbon Dioxide Gas can Effectively Treat Cellulite, Stretch Marks & More
Carboxy Therapy refers to the cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) for therapeutic purposes. This is an FDA-approved procedure that is quick, comfortable, highly effective and has relatively no down time. Carboxy Therapy has now become a good anti-aging treatment for cellulite of all grades, wrinkle reduction and also stretch marks. The procedure was widely used to treat ischemic vascular diseases because of the vasodilation properties of CO2. Carboxy can improve blood flow, collagen stimulation and nutrition to areas of poor circulation, which is one of the major causes of cellulite.
Carboxy Therapy can also be used to treat the eyelids, face, neck, arms, stomach, buttocks and legs. Carboxy Therapy is used to treat several conditions, including acne scars and skin laxity, skin ulcers, erection problems due to vascular disorders, wrinkles, hair loss, stretch marks and cellulite. The number of sessions is dependent upon each individual condition being treated. For cellulite, six to 10 sessions are usually necessary, whereas for stretch marks four to six sessions are required. In Dr. Youssef's experience, Carboxy Therapy is more effective for the treatment of cellulite and stretchmarks than any other treatments available on the market today.
YOUnique Cosmetic Surgery 310-434-0044 or 388-0060
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