Everything Old is New Again
September, 2020 - Issue #192
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

"I feel youthful and so much healthier! My implants were horribly encapsulated. I saw the pictures - no wonder I felt so exhausted all the time! My body was constantly fighting back. Now, after my auto-augmentation with Dr. Heller,
I'm implant free but have beautiful cleavage crafted with my own tissue. THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE LOOKED AND FELT IN DECADES. It takes so much skill and an artistic eye -
I have told every woman I know about it and one friend has already removed her old implants with Dr. Heller, too. She's as happy as I am!"
Pamela, 55
"I kept asking them, 'How am I supposed to go from DD to... nothing?'" asked Pamela, 55, of Valencia.

Over the last few years, her adult daughters had been encouraging her to have her decades-old breast implants removed. "I had been feeling uncomfortable for years but no doctor could really identify a cause. I knew it was time to get them out - but I had so little of my own breast tissue, I couldn't imagine going from very large breasts to being totally flat chested."

Turns out, she didn't have to.

"I was talking to a friend who used the same implant doctor I did all those years ago - and she couldn't wait to tell me, and show me, that she had just had her removal and auto-augmentation procedure with Dr. Heller. She was so happy and she looked gorgeous - so I immediately booked a consultation," recalls Pamela.

"The auto-augmentation procedure is distinctive because I'm able to remove the old implant and provide fullness, lift and projection - without replacing the implant with anything foreign. Instead, we use the patient's own excess tissue from under the arm. The result is a smooth, feminine silhouette - no implant necessary," says Dr. Justin Heller, of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia.

"Dr. Heller spent over 30 minutes drawing on my body to determine the exact right proportions for my surgery - and the results speak for themselves! My skin is smooth and supple; my breasts are firm and natural; minimal scars are hidden beautifully in creases and under my breasts. I now am a full C cup and I look a lot thinner on my sides. I am so happy!" says Pamela.

As we age, our tissue shifts - and often accumulates, especially in the area on women referred to as "bra bulge." During an auto-augmentation, this tissue is used to add fullness to the breast, either in conjunction with a de-implantation or during a breast augmentation/ lift. "By maintaining blood flow, this shift of tissue from under the arm to the chest area results in nourished cells that thrive in their new location, creating a gorgeous, lasting look that is very aesthetically pleasing," says the board-certified surgeon.

"This was one of the best decisions I've ever made," says Pamela. "Dr. Heller is a genius! I am so happy. I never even needed to take a pain pill and I healed so fast. I love my new figure and I love knowing that I'll never need to have another breast surgery in this lifetime!"
Justin B. Heller, MD is a board-certified, Yale-educated plastic surgeon. He has been named Santa Clarita's Best Plastic Surgeon four years in a row. Heller Plastic Surgery is located at 23838 Valencia Boulevard, Suite 260 in Valencia. 661-233-4949
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