Feel Confident Again
January, 2020 - Issue #184
Face it - some fat is just resistant to diet and exercise, as Sassy of Valencia, 58, can attest. "No matter how much weight I lifted, cardio I did or calories I cut, I could not get rid of my stomach," she says. "I take good care of myself! Everything flowed nicely until your eye would get to my 'muffin top' - not even a girdle could make my stomach look flat in clothes. Plus, even though I had cellulite no where else on my body, I had bumpy, lumpy skin on my tummy. It made me very self conscious."

So, what's a retired mom of two to do?

"I figured - now's the time to focus on me. I've wanted a tummy tuck and liposuction for years. There was no reason to keep putting it off; I was ready to be proud of my body again!" says the self-proclaimed "glam-ma."

"Why Dr. Heller? Because I saw my daughter's results - she's had two procedures with Dr. Heller and both led to INCREDIBLE RESULTS. He's an excellent listener, made me feel confident and safe, and is kind and thoughtful."
Already familiar with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Justin Heller's work, she made the call to Heller Plastic Surgery. "I knew he was the right choice from the very beginning. His education, his track record in the community, the results my daughter and others have experienced - it was an easy decision," says Sassy.

"Pregnancy, age, genetics - they can all play a role in the accumulation of stubborn fat," explains Dr. Heller. "In Sassy's case, we accomplished her goals though targeted liposuction on her waist and flanks; that achieved a really natural, flattering hourglass shape. By engaging with not just the top layer of fat and skin, but also her muscular structure, I was able to give her a truly-flat abdomen. Most women, especially women who've been pregnant, need additional toning and tightening of the substructures to obtain the results they desire."

The extra skilled effort was more than worth it.

"Recovery was so easy," says Sassy. "It was an absolute breeze! And I love my results. I feel amazing and so confident now! The scar is minimal and well hidden - and there was an added bonus! Because Dr. Heller tightened my whole abdominal area, there was also a 'lift' to my pubic zone. It was a surprising bonus and has contributed to how young and vibrant I feel. My only regret is that I waited to do it!"
Justin B. Heller, MD is a board-certified, Yale-educated plastic surgeon. He has been named Santa Clarita's Best Plastic Surgeon four years in a row. Heller Plastic Surgery is located at 23838 Valencia Boulevard, Suite 260 in Valencia. 661-233-4949
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