Feeling Fine at 69
December, 2018 - Issue #171
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
When Susan, 69, had a hysterectomy years ago, her body recovered - but her self esteem didn't. "I was very unhappy with what happened to my midsection," says the Valencia resident. "No matter what I did, I had a 'muffin top.' My stomach wouldn't go flat."

"Susan's rectus muscle was badly separated, causing the look of a distended or bloated belly," says Dr. Justin Heller, board-certified plastic surgeon and owner of Heller Plastic Surgery. "It's quite common, but to adequately address it, you can't just address the top layer of fat and skin. By surgically engaging the muscular structure beneath, we can create a smooth base for the skin and tissue to lay on top of, creating a flat, flattering silhouette. By also conservatively using liposuction in the flank and lower-abdominal area, I was able to give Susan the look she wanted - flat, youthful, with taut skin," explains the specialist.
"Everyone at Heller Plastic Surgery is warm and sincere - like family! They genuinely care about their patients. They want you to feel comfortable and they take time to answer all your questions. They don't try to talk you into anything, ever - it's all about what you want. I was so impressed with the whole staff. Nowadays, when you call a medical office, you get a recording; it's hard to get any information. Dr. Heller's office is so different in that regard - and better! I have his cell phone number and it's made clear that clients are to call or text him directly at any time of day if they have questions or concerns.
It's old-fashioned medicine that's built on TRUSTING, CARING relationships."

"After the surgery, I feel like I have my body back," says Susan, a medical professional. "My clothes fit me the way they are supposed to. It's an amazing transformation! Plastic surgery is both an art and a science and Dr. Heller is a master of both, which is why I trusted his team to help me with a few other aesthetic issues."

Prior to her introduction to SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery, Susan had received filler injections from a local medspa. "The lower part of my face was lumpy, especially around the jaw line, from improper filler injections. I complained about it to Dr. Heller and he explained that the SKIN team could smooth out the area around the jaw with some additional well-placed injections. I trusted him and yes, he really improved the look. I still work full time and my appearance is important to me. I feel much more confident now with this addressed!"

With two impressive procedures completed in Dr. Heller's Valencia office, Susan decided that it was time to give the Heller team an opportunity to really wow her. Like many women and men, hormones, genetics and stress had taken a toll on Susan's hair. "I've experienced a lot of hair loss; it's very bothersome aesthetically. Just two weeks ago, we started Platelet Rich Plasma injections to my scalp, using my own stem cells to regenerate growth. That, coupled with laser treatments to the area, should prompt new hair. It's too soon to tell, since we're only a few weeks in, but I'm confident that this is going to be another success story," says Susan.
SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery is located in the Atrium Building in Valencia. 661-433-3550
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