Implants Gone Wrong
When a Mammogram Shows that a Surgical Revision is Right
April, 2020 - Issue #187
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courtesy of Shutterstock

"I was only 29 years old when I had my breast implants done," says Anne. "At the time, you wanted them big and round. That was the look - very 'Pamela Anderson!' They were DDD and the doctor told me they'd be 'good' for about 13 years - but I was 60 before I had them removed - I dreaded another surgery."
But a trip to the doctor for her regular mammogram propelled Anne into action. "At my last check up, we discovered that both implants had ruptured. That was it - I couldn't put it off any longer. Now my health was really at risk," says the grandmother.
Anne's sister had recently selected Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery for her own procedure, so choosing the same practice -despite a two-hour drive each way - was a no-brainer. "My sister had an incredible experience with Dr. Heller; he fixed a botched surgery after her implants ruptured, too. She couldn't say enough positive things - and her results were gorgeous. I never even thought about going to someone else - I knew that he was the right one for me," explains the South Bay resident.
"During Anne's surgery, I was able to confirm that both her previous silicone implants had indeed ruptured. The good news was that her body had worked to contain the old implants via encapsulation, so the potentially-toxic 30-year-old substance didn't travel far. I was able to remove all the dated material. We were lucky that her mammogram picked up on the rupture very early and that she was proactive in having them removed immediately after the problem was discovered," explains the board-certified plastic surgeon.
"I absolutely didn't want to have additional implants placed - I don't want to have another surgery in my 70s - but I struggled to imagine what my body would look like without my implants," explains Anne. "I should have known Dr. Heller would have a solution! He used my own tissue - the fat from under my arms and on the sides of my breasts - to create the most gorgeous decollete - no implants necessary! I went from a 'dated' DDD to a stunning, natural-looking DD that fits my older body beautifully. I have the most fabulous breasts and, bonus: I look thinner on the sides now, too. I could not be happier!"
Anne's recovery was part of the positive experience. "I didn't take a single pain pill; I was up and moving around the next day. The recovery was remarkably easy and knowing that I never have to have surgery again - that's priceless!"
"More and more women are choosing this specialized no-implant breast augmentation because the results are beautiful - and they never have to have another surgery," says the "Best Of" surgeon. "It's not the perfect fit for everyone, but if you have sufficient donor tissue in the area, you can create a full, natural-looking bust while whittling your sides and improving your overall feminine curves. We have so many happy clients that have come from all over Southern California for this procedure."
Justin B. Heller, MD is a board-certified, Yale-educated plastic surgeon. He has been named Santa Clarita's Best Plastic Surgeon four years in a row. Heller Plastic Surgery is located at 23838 Valencia Boulevard, Suite 260 in Valencia. 661-233-4949
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