It's Never too Late to Feel Great
Breast Augmentation at 61? You Bet!
January, 2017 - Issue #147
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courtesy of Shutterstock
"I have wanted a new physique for years, but I didn't want to give my daughters the impression that women shouldn't be happy with their bodies. I didn't want to pass down my displeasure with my figure to them. Then I went through a divorce and decided, 'It's time.' And you know what? My daughters were actually so supportive!," shares Belinda, 61.

"I was barely an A cup; my entire life, I have had a 'boys' body. I never felt like I looked normal," says the Santa Clarita resident. That's why, when she saw Dr. Justin Heller's billboard during her commute, she paused. "I saw that it said he was a Yale graduate. That impressed me, so I did more research and found out that his bio was even more exceptional. After tirelessly pouring over his stats, testimonials and anonymous reviews, I knew I wanted to meet with him," recalls Belinda.

"I'm in the patient-care field and I know how important client service can be. I have NEVER had a better experience anywhere. Dr. Heller really, truly listened to me; respected me and my wishes; and made me feel so comfortable. He is such a nice man and his staff is extremely helpful and kind. My body may be older, but my brain is still in my 30s! My breast augmentation made me feel instantly younger. I feel so good about myself now, which makes life so much more fulfilling in every way. I wish I had done this decades ago, but I'm very happy I did it now!"
~ Belinda, Santa Clarita resident
"There's a presumption that you can be 'too old' for some procedures," says Dr. Heller, a board-certified plastic surgeon and owner of Heller Plastic Surgery. "If you're in good health, that's not usually true. I use minimally-invasive methods that I customize to every patient so that there's very little risk of complications and a natural-looking result that women of every age really love."

Belinda agrees. "I went from an A cup to a B+ and didn't have a single complication. In fact, I took the weekend off to recuperate and never took more than an Advil for pain - and then only a few after the surgery. I had very little 'down time,' and even then, I wasn't really 'down' - just taking it easy," says Belinda.

"I am now nearly six months post-op and I am ecstatic! Dr. Heller and I chose the Gummy Bear implants for me and they are so natural looking. My breasts don't look anything but 'mine.' They are full, perfectly proportioned to my body and they make me feel feminine and so much younger. I have so much confidence now and I think I look terrific. I can actually fill out a bra - and wear pretty, frilly bras! My clothes fit so much better and I don't dread shopping anymore. I can wear a wrap dress now and look beautiful in it! Everyone who knows that I had the surgery is so impressed and they all want Dr. Heller's number!," says Belinda.

"If I could give some advice to your readers, I would say that you shouldn't hesitate to do things that make you feel better about yourself, because that feeling really does influence every other element of your life. I had breast augmentation, which really only 'affects' a small part of me, but everything in life is better because I feel better about me," says Belinda.
Heller Plastic Surgery is located in the Atrium Building next to City Hall in Valencia.
The comfortable, well-appointed office is now accepting patients and scheduling complimentary consultations. 661-233-4949

Dr. Heller's Education and Experiences
American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certification
MOHS Fellowship
University of California Irvine Orthopaedic Hand & Microsurgery Fellowship
University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Residency with specialization in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
UCLA Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Craniofacial Research Fellowship
Yale University School of Medicine
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