The Game Changer You've Been Waiting For
February, 2020 - Issue #185

"Patients have DRAMATICALLY REDUCED their facial wrinkles while smoothing overall texture and lifting brows and jowls; 'batwings' on the arms have been eliminated while improving the tone and texture of the skin; a patient avoided a full surgical tummy tuck, instead opting for Renuvion and liposuction, getting rid of the dreaded 'muffin top,' flattening the stomach and reducing her flanks and excess around her lower back; and much more. Renuvion is the GAME CHANGER plastic surgeons have been hoping for."
Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery
Let's say that you don't want the downtime of plastic surgery... but you do want results that lasers just can't deliver. Up until recently, your options were limited - and the results, while an improvement, weren't as dramatic as you'd hope.

That's all changed with Renuvion, a treatment by J Plasma that has the entire plastic-surgeon community talking for all the right reasons.

"Renuvion is like a reset for your skin and body," says Dr. Justin Heller, of Heller Plastic Surgery. "This groundbreaking technology provides the lift and repositioning that surgical treatments offer, while also resurfacing the skin. It's a one-two punch that can be done in office, with only local anesthetic - and has a shorter downtime and easier recovery than surgery," explains the board-certified specialist. "Patients have been shocked by their remarkable results, with referrals piling in from friends and family who can't believe what was achieved without 'going under' for surgery!"

Renuvion Could be your Perfect Match
For the Face & Neck

Renuvion can serve as a two-for-one procedure for those considering face or neck lifts and resurfacing. "Deep wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation issues, large pores, 'smokers' lines around the mouth, drooping, jowls, the neck - they are all addressed at once, because Renuvion dramatically contracts your skin while also resurfacing it," explains Dr. Heller. The treatment is painless and boasts downtime of just a few days.

For the Body
Renuvion and "lift" are synonymous, thanks to the drastic improvements that can be made with the system's combination of controlled heat and cooling. The proprietary balance of helium and RF energy allows for precision and control, so results look natural. Arm, buttocks, thigh and knee lifts with Renuvion leave skin youthfully taunt while deeply engaging sub-surface tissues for a lasting result. "The skin is revitalized by Renuvion while, beneath the surface, incredible tightening of tissues is restoring the body to a more youthful, vibrant shape and silhouette," says Dr. Heller. "For even more dramatic improvements, patients are pairing Renuvion with micro-targeted liposuction for a result that truly rivals surgery, without the downtime. In fact, because of Renuvion's heating mechanism, healing is even faster! It's become a go-to for patients who want many of the results of a tummy tuck, arm or thigh lifts without surgery or scarring."
Justin B. Heller, MD is a board-certified, Yale-educated plastic surgeon. He has been named Santa Clarita's Best Plastic Surgeon four years in a row. Heller Plastic Surgery is located at 23838 Valencia Boulevard, Suite 260 in Valencia. 661-233-4949
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