You're Three Treatments Away from your Best Body Yet
March, 2019 - Issue #174
"I never thought I'd get rid of the poochy pouch of fat on my lower stomach," says Ana, 37, of Valencia. "It became prominent after my pregnancy, but as I've gotten older and my hormones have changed, it slowly got bigger. It made me feel unattractive. I hated it, which is why pictures of me over the last decade have me posing with my arms crossed across my belly in at least half of them!"

"Ana came into our office after learning about our distinct new treatment, truSculpt 3D," says Dr. Justin Heller, owner of Heller Plastic Surgery. "She, like many patients, wanted targeted fat reduction, but wasn't interested in liposuction or a surgery like a tummy tuck," explains the Yale-educated specialist.

"I needed something that would work - but I couldn't have any down time. I'm a busy single mom, but it was a breeze getting three treatment sessions of truSculpt 3D on the books. Short and relaxing! I started seeing results at about a month and now that I'm done, I've gone down a full pant size. I haven't worn Spanx in months! My skin is tighter, my waist is more pronounced and the bulge is nearly 100 percent gone," says Ana.

Why truSculpt 3D is your New Bikini BFF
by Kim Benton

As a woman, I know all too well how frustrating it can be to eat clean (Usually!), get some exercise (Again - usually!) - and still not see the body you want in the mirror. My clients come in feeling defeated. Squishy "mommy" tummies, saddle bags, flabby "batwing" arms, bra bulge - they don't define us, but they sure can chip away at our confidence. I love being able to tell them: "I've got just the thing!" We're a results-driven office that's based on client education, so explaining the process, reviewing expectations and getting to know the individual is essential when selecting truSculpt 3D, or any of our many other treatments. When my clients start seeing their results from truSculpt 3D, they're amazed. They bring in "first bikini in a decade" pictures to show off, they talk about how they got the boost they needed to start dating again, they share how it's changed their self perceptions. I see truly-impressive results from truSculpt 3D every day, which is why I'm proud to recommend it for the spot treatment of fat reduction.
For over 20 years, Kimberlynn "Kim" Benton has been restoring confidence to the faces of her loyal clients. Her fresh approach to skin care and body sculpting is custom, results oriented and shared with a positive attitude patients can't get enough of!
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