Custom Jewelry Designs that Spark the Imagination
February, 2015 - Issue #124
Jewelry that stands the test of time is jewelry that's as unique as the woman or man who possesses it.
That's why Manya of Manya Jewelers on Town Center Drive spends so much time crafting each custom order she receives at her eponymous jewelry boutique. "It's a process - and one I greatly enjoy," says Manya. "I've been creating custom heirloom jewelry for decades, but I never tire of it. I love the way it affords me the opportunity to really connect with a client and fulfill their dreams."

Thinking of a piece for yourself or a loved one?
Here's what you should know:

"I want the pieces we craft to be as special and UNIQUE as the love it symbolizes. I'm passionate about providing the custom experience to every person, no matter their budget. I love making dreams come true!,"
1. You can bring pictures.
"If you've seen an advertisement of a design you adore, bring it with you. We'll use that as a starting point to create something that's less 'one size fits all' and more 'just for you,'" explains Manya.

2. Your piece really will be "hand crafted."
"We do this the old-fashioned way, which is, by no coincidence, also the right way," says Manya. "I want to sit with the client and get a true sense of their desires. Then I start to draw. Only later do we use computers to get the math just right. And all the work is done here, in our boutique. Your piece is completed on site, start to finish. It makes the process faster and more affordable."

3. "Custom" doesn't mean "more expensive."
"We're wholesale jewelers - there's no 'middleman' here," says Manya. "Our prices are competitive with what you'd find in downtown LA, but you get much more value in our boutique because the custom experience is complimentary."

Repurpose Old Pieces for a Pretty Reminder of Days Gone By
"I hear so many people say that they have their grandmother's jewelry, and they love the meaning of it, but they never wear it because it's just not their style or size," says Manya. "They want to honor the past in a way that is beautiful in the present. People do this for all sorts of reasons: some because they're celebrating a marriage - they want rings that have history. Others because they're grieving - they lost a parent and this helps keep their loved one close to them. Whatever the reason, we're honored to be part of it."

Put Broken Bits Back to Work
"One of the best ways to create custom pieces out of heirloom jewelry is to start with unfinished elements - an earring that is missing its match; a broken chain; a loose stone. That way you can keep the pieces that mean the most to you while also being able to transform a memory of your loved one into something new that you'll wear all the time," shares Manya.

Mix the Old for Something New
"There's a common misconception that you need 'enough' metal to make a new piece. That's not true. A talented jewelrymaker with plenty of experience can seamlessly blend old metals with new, creating a piece you love that has sentimental value and style," says Manya.
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