Fashion Horoscope - Libra
September 22 to October 22
October, 2006 - Issue #24
Here's an unnecessary newsflash: You, our little Libra friend, have excellent taste and a penchant for appearing impeccably balanced. No wonder Libras are signified by scales!

Libra ladies should embrace the season's "it" shoe, like this Matisse set available at Just Us Girls, to show that your inner trendsetter isn't lying dormant after a fashion-numbing Santa Clarita summer. Pair them with Trina Turk slacks and an Only Hearts lace top for a sleek look that's as pulled together as you are.

Tommy Bahama camp shirt<BR><B>Island Appeal, 254-8300</B>
Tommy Bahama camp shirt
Island Appeal, 254-8300
Tommy Bahama skirt<BR><B>Island Appeal, 254-8300</B>
Tommy Bahama skirt
Island Appeal, 254-8300
When it's time to sip your non-fat soy latte al fresco, consider brightening up your mood and color palette with a Tommy Bahama top and skirt from Island Appeal. We don't have to tell you that you look great in pastels, pinks, blues and grays, you fashion vixen; just consider it a friendly reminder.

And speaking of your softer side, have you seen the newest in Hanky Panky panties? Yes, that was a hypothetical; we know that you have a lifetime subscription to every fashion and beauty mag out there. But for those of you who may have been suffering from magazine malnutrition, we suggest you get your hands on these post haste. They are sooo Libra: sexy, finely detailed and beauty conscious.

Matisse shoes<BR><B>Just Us Girls, 259-7157</B>
Matisse shoes
Just Us Girls, 259-7157
Hanky Panky panties<BR><B>Just Us Girls, 259-7157</B>
Hanky Panky panties
Just Us Girls, 259-7157
From panties to purses... A new SCV company,, has your number, Libra Girl. The newest large totes in dozens of styles and colors (including your favorite shade of blue, pictured here) are all over this website, ripe for the picking. Snatch one up for fall.

And the award for the most Libra-oriented makeup product ever goes to... Senna's Custom Folio. According to real palm-reading star gazers, Libras are diplomatic but indecisive, romantic but particular and happiest when they are in love. This kit not only contains your best romantic color combinations (think "Storm," a medium blue gray, "Meringue," a fiery opalescent white, and "Pure," an eye and face highlighting pinkbeige), but the indecisive part of you has multiple options. We trust that the two of you will be very happy together.

La Fleur de Bis Papillon handbag in menthe<BR><B><a'>
La Fleur de Bis Papillon handbag in menthe
Senna custom folio<BR><B>Senna, 257-3662</B>
Senna custom folio
Senna, 257-3662
As a testosterone-infused Libra who likes to dress for the occasion, you're probably already on a first-name basis with the staff at J. David's Custom Clothiers. But don't forget, you studly metrosexual, that the shop also offers ultra-hip, more relaxed options like the bowling shirt pictured here. Don't be intimidated by the patchwork; just imagine that those are grown-up versions of the Boy Scout gear you earned as a kid.

Continuing with the relaxed theme (not that you aren't deliciously irresistible in your favorite pin stripe, but it's hard to see you so put together when you're jaunting to Target), we really want to introduce you to Tommy Bahama's camp shirt and slacks. This light-colored combo allows you to feel comfortable in that "dry clean only" way. Pair them with a Brave leather belt from The Men's Room to hold up both your pants and your reputation as a male fashion plate.

Trina Turk black slacks<BR>Michael Stars top<BR>Only Hearts lace top<BR><B>Just Us Girls, 259-7157</B>
Trina Turk black slacks
Michael Stars top
Only Hearts lace top
Just Us Girls, 259-7157
Bowling shirt<BR><B>J. David'>
Bowling shirt
J. David's Custom Clothiers, 287-3636
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