Fashion Horoscope - Scorpio
October 23 to November 21
November, 2006 - Issue #25
You, my brooding Scorpio vixen, are spilling over with potent sexuality, which should not ever be confused with "flashy." A force to be reckoned with, you cloak your magnetism in long sweeping lines that cling in all the right places so as not to overwhelm the less-than-captivating population. This Susana Monaco gathered dress from Just Us Girls is for you, as boxy or loose are sooo not adjectives you want associated with your wardrobe.

Susana Monaco Dress<BR><B>Just Us Girls, 259-7157</B>
Susana Monaco Dress
Just Us Girls, 259-7157
Trunk Tee<BR><B>Dress'>
Trunk Tee
Dress'r Drawers, 250-1121
However, your generous disposition makes you willing to envelop your loveliness in career separates that error on the side of mild in order to keep the peace. Your walk down the middle of the fashion road can ruin a Scorpio's natural tendency towards the spicier things in life; play up your more traditional garb with Brighton Sparkling Heart sunglasses from Cobblestone Cottage when you need a little lift in your spirits.

Jane Iredale Pressed Eyeshadow<BR><B>Dahbe Makeup Parlour, 253-0279</B>
Jane Iredale Pressed Eyeshadow
Dahbe Makeup Parlour, 253-0279
Artiba Mineral Eyeshadow<BR><B>Dahbe Makeup Parlour, 253-0279</B>
Artiba Mineral Eyeshadow
Dahbe Makeup Parlour, 253-0279
Of course, when you are ready to unleash your self-assured powers, a slinky silhouette that hugs your best assets is the clothing you eagerly don, and don't forget a swipe of vixen-inspired Lip Lacquer from Senna in the unmistakably sexy shade, Harlow. The ultimate Scorpion will also want her eyes smoking hot - literally. Try Dahbe Makeup Parlour's Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Eye Shadow or Artiba Cosmetics' Mineral Eye Shadow for the perfect come-hither peepers.

Cologne<BR><B>Island Appeal, 254-8300</B>
Island Appeal, 254-8300
Harlow Lip Lacquer<BR><B>Senna, 257-3662</B>
Harlow Lip Lacquer
Senna, 257-3662
Regardless of the cut of your clothing, you wouldn't be caught dead in anything other than deep red, dark brown or black; these shades enhance more than your figure - they physically represent the intensity of your nature. Wrap your svelte middle with a Virgins, Saints & Angels belt (no, the irony is not lost on us, either) from Orchid Gift Emporium for a look that keeps the casual observer guessing your true motives. To really cause ruin among the opposite sex, go strapless.

Scorpio men often ponder the draw of the loose button shirt so eagerly worn by the majority of the male population. You crave the opportunity to wear an Italian suit, black of course, so that you can pretend that your sexy scrunched-up scowl is, at least partially, mafia inspired.

Virgins, Saints & Angels<BR><B>Orchid Gift Emporium, 296-8777</B>
Virgins, Saints & Angels
Orchid Gift Emporium, 296-8777
Brighton Sunglasses<BR><B>Cobblestone Cottage, 253-0209</B>
Brighton Sunglasses
Cobblestone Cottage, 253-0209
When the occasion calls for casual, you don't mind jeans, as long as they represent an "it" brand known for hot models and are paired with a tight t-shirt that exhibits your well-earned physique. When it comes to "chill" attire, think old-school hip. Exhibit your sexy sense of style with a band-inspired Trunk t-shirt from Dress'r Drawers. The thin, soft material will beckon a welcome touch from a female admirer. Whatever you wear, your confidence shines through.

Scorpion males, also known as handsome devils, are mysterious, determined and emotional beings. Their cologne should embrace these qualities. Try the passion-inspired Tommy Bahama Cologne and Aftershave Balm from Island Appeal to further pique her interest. The scent is powerful, exciting and magnetic - a lot like a certain guy we know.
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