Fashion Horoscope - Virgo
August 22 to September 21
September, 2006 - Issue #23
Virgo's charm and dignity pairs well with classic couture looks, although this smart and savvy sign knows to shop only for pricey pieces that have staying power. Mr. Prim and Proper shouldn't mind dropping a pretty penny for Theory's midnight-shaded blazer; the cut is as classic as a Jimmy Stewart movie and its versatile styling will appeal to both your wardrobe and your pocketbook.

Tommy Bahama silk camp shirt<BR><strong>Island Appeal 254-8300</strong>
Tommy Bahama silk camp shirt
Island Appeal 254-8300
Tommy Bahama deodorant<BR><strong>Island Appeal 254-8300</strong>
Tommy Bahama deodorant
Island Appeal 254-8300
As for Virgo Gent's feminine counterpart, it's all about Velvet's Maggie shirt dress for you, Miss Perfect. Choose this effortless piece on days when organizing and re-organizing your closet has cut into your clothing coordination time. Grab your Lesa Wallace leather and suede handbag on the way out the door - it has enough space for your keys, cell and day planner - to complete your pulled-together look.

Virgos are minimalist by nature, preferring clothing that is simple, timeless and well made. Virgo girls will love Commando panties both for their any-thing-but-complex design and their uncanny ability to disappear under clothing. Panty lines are sooo un-Virgo.

Theory blazer in midnight<BR><strong>The Men'>
Theory blazer in midnight
The Men's Room 259-7191
Velvet "Maggie" shirt dress in hearth<BR><strong>Fresh 259-4166</strong>
Velvet "Maggie" shirt dress in hearth
Fresh 259-4166
Because of your penchant for classics, natural fabrics and colors in browns, beiges, grays and blacks are your staples, although the blue shade of your lucky stone, the sapphire, also inspires you.

Your love of all things rational and precise carries over to your locks, which you keep smooth and in place. Keep control in your capable hands with a GHD Professional Straightening Iron. The shiny straight strands it produces will excite the fi nicky gal within.

Sage fragrance roll-on and candle<BR><strong>Just Us Girls 259-7157</strong>
Sage fragrance roll-on and candle
Just Us Girls 259-7157
Commando "Better than Nothing Invisible Underwear" in black<BR><strong>Just Us Girls 259-7157</strong>
Commando "Better than Nothing Invisible Underwear" in black
Just Us Girls 259-7157
Virgo's meticulous sense of detail can be seen in their desire for high-quality, functional, fashionable accessories and efforts towards coordination - even when it comes to sleepwear. Experience these last warm Santa Clarita nights in a soft cotton pj pair from Yemee. Even the most critical Virgo will be unable to voice a complaint after exchanging her business suit for this cozy sapphire-shaded pairing.

Quietly reserved, Virgos still enjoy fragrances that are rich and opulent. Virgo Girl will revel in the power that comes with wearing Onyx fragrance oil; its bewitching combination of black coconut, vanilla, amber and sheer musks envelops the skin with almost primeval intensity. Created especially for Virgo ladies, it makes a great gift for your fellow highly-discriminating sisters.

Yemee pajama skirt and top<BR><strong>Bailey Blu 291-1670</strong>
Yemee pajama skirt and top
Bailey Blu 291-1670
Dicapri Collection black silk tie and Modena dress shirts<BR><strong>J. David'>
Dicapri Collection black silk tie and Modena dress shirts
J. David's Custom Clothiers 287-3636
The Virgo guy should similarly embrace the scents of the islands wherever possible - including the never-talked-about underarm spot. Leave the Speed-Sticks of the world to the less detail-oriented among us and swipe Tommy Bahama's deodorant on after each of your three daily showers, you little clean freak.

Virgo gents will want to embrace their meticulous side this month with a classic black tie paired with a high-quality dress shirt in their sign's color palate. It's the Modena shirt and Dicapri Collection black silk tie for you, darling Virgo Man; you'll love the quality of the material almost as much as she'll love staring at you in it (whether or not you want to channel fellow Virgo Sean Connery and add a sexy accent is up to you). As for the more casual Virgo male, a button-down piece that exudes relaxed perfection with fl awless seams is your ticket. Choose a Tommy Bahama silk camp shirt in a shade that's reminiscent of chocolate if you're really interested in her considering you "delicious."

Lesa Wallace leather and suede handbag<BR><strong>Dress'>
Lesa Wallace leather and suede handbag
Dress'r Drawers 250-1121
GHD Professional Straightening Iron<BR><strong>Della Stella 259-9115</strong>
GHD Professional Straightening Iron
Della Stella 259-9115
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