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Plug them in to the digital world's
most COVETED computer screens.
In this economy any new car screams "luxury." But if you're going to buy a new car, you might as well get one from the top brands: Lexus and Land Rover.
'Twas the week before Christmas
And all through the town
Cash registers were slowing
The economy's down.

But box stores were booming
Their sales were sure;
Lots of junk from China
They used as a lure.
photography by Ted Dayton

2008's Best Gifts for Everyone on your List
If your loved one doubles as your own personal tech support hotline, we have the gifts that will cross their wires.
Big steps. Little steps. A combination of the two is what it takes for ensuring a successful overall recovery from breast cancer.

Besides the medical/surgical interventions needed to remove the disease, what can be done to ensure that a woman's emergence from breast cancer will be a healthy and vibrant one? And what can she do to promote a positive post-operative self-image and sense of wellbeing?
"He's Always there for Me..."
Marc "Evan has a great sense of responsibility and innately knows what's right or wrong. His sense of responsibility applies to his work at school, friends, and family. He simply will not let anyone down. It's a great lesson for anyone to learn."
We know what Mom really wants - a chance to relax and have someone else take care of the details for once! Gift her with a personalized beauty getaway for big Mother's Day points.
A growing dilemma in our society, obesity is a serious, potentially life-threatening problem. Not only does it pose considerable health risks - including heart attack, hypertension, stroke, type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and certain cancers - it can also devour a person's self-esteem, energy level and outlook on the future. For those of considerable obesity, medical science has come a long way in helping them attain slimmer, healthier bodies.
There are few sights as joyful as the look of a happy child.

The excitement and laughter; the big, sparkling grin; these are all affirmative signs of that youngster's glee. But when a child suffers from painful or unattractive dental problems, they often find little to smile about.
Two thousand years ago, when acupuncture first came into use in China, it was based on principles that many Western practitioners believe in today.

Among the growing nest of Oriental Medicine practitioners in the Santa Clarita Valley is Dr. Joseph Koh, of New Hope Acupuncture Medical Group, Inc. in Valencia.
Gift certificates ARE ANYTHING BUT impersonal when you select a made-for-them signature service from one of Santa Clarita's best salons or spas.
Let's get a few things out of the way. First, this article is not about the "true meaning" of Christmas, at least not in a religious sense. Nor is it about promoting the opposite: unchecked consumerism.
A strong and flexible back is a precious asset. If you doubt that to be true, just ask someone with back pain how much value they place on a healthy, pain-free spine.

These days, back pain is rampant in our society. Obesity, inadequate exercise, poor posture, improper lifting and injuries are among the numerous causes of this complaint.
Remember the excitement of a new pack of crayons? All those colors just waiting to be used in your personal masterpiece. Summer is your canvas. Don't worry about staying within the lines. Meet your palate, all grown up.

The Twins have long been the sign of communication. Pay tribute to the past by (gasp) ditching e-mails, at least temporarily, to compose an eloquent letter to a loved one. Your hyper-strong desire to be understood will be easier to fulfill after they read your missive prettily penned on these fun Waste Not Paper notecards with coordinating envelopes.
"Platinum blonde is really big right now," says Mary Rakestraw, who attributes the trend to pop icons like Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera. Rakestraw recommends the look to women who already have light hair. "It can be a lot of maintenance, and you'll need a great repair treatment regardless because of the bleach." She also suggests using shampoos made just for blondes.
Women have needs. Those can't-live-without items that, for whatever reason, complete us in some respect. Meet the newest additions to your must-possess collection.

In times of trouble, the Fish stays true to herself, turns quietly inward and allows answers to reveal themselves as events unfold. Still, a little comfort might be needed along the way. You might want to keep a spiritual treasure like this Virgins, Saints & Angels piece close at hand (or, around the neck) for when things seem overwhelming.
World-class Designers and Unique Boutique Brands are at Home in the SCV...

The aloha spirit is alive and well in the SCV. It may still be winter, but inside Island Appeal it's all about sand, sun and drinks topped with little umbrellas. This is the place to go if you need a bikini in February (swimwear's sold year-round), relaxed (and highly collectable) Tommy Bahama embroidered silk camp shirts in sizes up to 4X, resort wear and accessories.
'Tis the season of the Little Black Dress. The perfect LBD is coveted, cared for and ideally accessorized. Find your match; the stars have spoken!

Capricorns are queens of the multi-tasking world, which is why you can't live without your Blackberry...
Check out Inside SCV's year-long Fashionscope:

Change-loving Sags are happiest when traveling. Your fire sign dictates positive thinking, which is simple to do when carrying go-anywhere Vera Bradley travel bags in easy-to-coordinate basic black.
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