Today's Trend: Custom & One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Pieces
May, 2015 - Issue #127
Renewed custom pieces - like this one - can be crafted out of heirloom jewelry
Renewed custom pieces - like this one - can be crafted out of heirloom jewelry

For truly-custom jewelry you need to go to a truly-custom jewelry store. "If someone's never been to our store, they just don't get it," says Manya, owner of Manya's Jewelers on Town Center Drive. "It's a totally different experience and product than what most people are used to," says the owner.
"There are incredible price advantages to working with a WHOLESALE DIAMOND DEALER and even more benefits to partnering with a custom jeweler who specializes in distinctive pieces that match your budget and your style.
We are both."
Manya of Manya's Jewelers

She's right. In an industry that is increasingly moving towards big superstores, Manya's Jewelers is a shining gem of the other "Four Cs" of the jewelry world: creativity, customization, customer service and craftsmanship.

"We don't do 'mass' anything," says Manya. "Every single piece of Manya jewelry in our cases has been designed by me - and there's only one of them, ever." Highly-experienced staff members are trained to introduce the different styles, boutique brands and options to potential clients. "There's no pressure to buy here; our staff works to educate clients and get to know their needs so that they're of the most help. They teach our clients about our process; in the end, the buyer can feel confident in their purchase and really enjoy the experience," says Manya.

It's that process that has turned Manya Jewelers into the go-to shop for distinctive jewelry at an affordable price. "Because we are wholesale jewelers, because my family and I design and craft your piece on site, because we have the widest selection of colored gems in the SCV, because our ready-made collection is so unique, our clients know that we have - or can make - exactly what they want for a price that's usually substantially lower than the competition. People always smile when they are here!," says Manya.

It's not too Late to Order Custom Jewelry for Mother's Day
"We get so many thank-you notes from moms after Mother's Day," says Manya. "I've never met a mom who didn't love a nice piece of jewelry on her special day, but when it's a custom piece, that's when it becomes all the more memorable." Because Manya, along with her jeweler husband and brother, do all the work on site, turn-over times are incredibly short. "We can create a 100-percent custom piece in as little as two weeks," says Manya. Here's what to consider for Mother's Day:

The number-one choice for sentimental moms is "renewed" jewelry. "We take the gold and gems from her mom's broach or a broken bracelet and we use those elements to make something entirely new and totally 'her.' It is the ultimate gift," says Manya. "It helps keep their loved one close for eternity." Mothers who've lost children, spouses and other treasured people also adore these custom creations.

Mother's rings and pendants never go out of style - if they're made to match her look. "One mom wanted the birthstones of all her family members to circle around a large yellow stone - we used citrine - to represent the sun. We do really creative 'Mom' pieces that women just go nuts over."

"You can never, ever go wrong with a diamond eternity ring for Mom," says Manya. "This gorgeous style is timeless and stunning. We have many that I've made that you can find in our cases now because they're just so popular; I always have to have them in stock for last-minute purchases. I make sure each one is different so that every mom has an eternity ring that no one else in the world possesses."
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