Beauty Bites
June, 2024 - Issue #231
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Change your Smile, Change Your Life!
You know that your smile can either build your confidence - or erode it. Luckily, today's dentures can improve your dental health and oral function. People of all ages can need dentures - and it's time to reduce the stigma associated with them. If you're concerned that dentures June look or feel unnatural, relax - because today's dentures can be made in house, custom designed to fit your mouth for the ultimate in comfort and aesthetics.
Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry 259-4474

More Hair, No Plugs Necessary
If you've been struggling with hair loss or a receding hairline, you know that most products that claim to restore your hair... don't. And while there are some pharmaceuticals that do bring back some hair in some people, the side effects are often too difficult to manage long term - and once you stop using the product, hair can stop growing. These frustrations often drive hair-loss sufferers towards hair plugs - but the surgical process is frequently painful and the results can look anything but natural.
Today, an innovative treatment can help patients suffering with hair loss grow more hair, faster. This procedure is done with precision placement and without an incision by grafting thousands of individual hairs per session. This technique yields natural-looking results and the opportunity to grow your own real hair. Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery offers this procedure by providing patients with a comfortable experience and a dramatic transformation. Individual hairs are implanted, one by one, with a graft vacuum system that removes, then deposits and places the follicles beautifully.
"People who've suffered from embarrassment or frustration because of hair loss can now implant real hair-bearing tissue into eyebrows, scalp and other desired areas. Male-pattern baldness issues can be alleviated without the harsh look of hair plugs. Hair lines can now look lush and natural," says Dr. Heller. Curious? Call Heller Plastic Surgery for more information.
Heller Plastic Surgery 233-4949
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