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February, 2017 - Issue #148
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courtesy of Shutterstock

What we Love:
Minimally-invasive Cellulite Reduction

The best solution on the market for cellulite reduction is called Cellfina. Cellfina is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to smooth and reduce the look of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is caused when fat cells become trapped in the fibrous septae under the skin, creating bulges, dimples and a "cottage cheese" appearance. Cellfina is unique because it targets the primary cause of cellulite, the fibrous septae. During the procedure, some numbing injections are performed to eliminate pain during the treatment. Then, a micro-blade is inserted to cut the fibrous septae, releasing the trapped fat and smoothing the area. Treatments typically take about an hour. Within three days after treatment, patients usually feel very satisfied with their results, and after two years, 96 percent of patients in studies were still satisfied with their results. Most patients experience short-term tenderness and swelling after their procedure.
DermaCure Medical Aesthetics 257-8400

What we Love: Spa Dates
The Ivy Day Spa is offering fantastic Valentine's Day Date Night Packages and they're all so good (And discounted, too!), we can't choose!
Here are our favorites.

Massage, Dinner at Salt Creek Grille & Movie $227
Start at the Ivy Day Spa, relaxing side by side in the Couples Treatment Room, each with your own massage therapist and table, for full-body 50-minute Swedish massages followed by dinner at Salt Creek Grille ($40 value) and a movie for two at Edwards Cinema.

Massage for Two & Creativity at Color Me Mine $215
Each of you will start with a side-by-side couples 50-minute Swedish Massage, then you'll head over to Color Me Mine for painting and pottery. Your package includes two beverage mugs/cups as well as studio fees.

Date Night Upgrade: VIP Experience $50
Upgrade your Date Night package by spoiling your "someone special" with full access to the private "just the two of you" VIP Room. Your upgrade includes 30 bonus minutes of relaxation time, a roaring fireplace and use of the walk-in shower, plus sweet treats and a sparkling beverage.
Reservations are required. The Ivy Day Spa 260-1244

Available at
Available at 'N Style Salon 254-4841
Show your Hair some Love!
Treat your Color Right with the Best from L'Oreal Professionnel

Glimmer and shine without frizz, color loss or dullness. The kit includes L'Oreal Professional Vitamino Color A-OX Color Radiance Protection + Perfecting Shampoo, Color Radiance Protection + Perfecting Conditioner & Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil. Finish your look with the multi-use Mythic Oil Creme Universelle. The highly-concentrated cream provides a nourished feel, smoothing your hair fiber. Creme Universelle can be used in the shower either before shampooing or as a conditioner, or as a pre-styling step before blow drying.
'N Style Salon 254-4841

2017 Body Goals Is Liposuction the Answer?
If you're considering liposuction, you may be wondering if you're a good candidate for the procedure or how successful the procedure is likely to be. A qualified plastic surgeon can evaluate your health and weight loss or body contouring goals to help you decide if liposuction is right for you. Here are the top five qualities of an ideal liposuction candidate to help get you started.
You have firm, elastic skin. Liposuction isn't always ideal for areas with significant cellulite because it can sometimes exacerbate cellulite (Be sure to consult with your physician; this isn't always the case.). Liposuction also isn't ideal for older people whose skin has naturally lost a lot of its elasticity.
You are in good health. Like any medical procedure, liposuction works better on healthy people because they recover faster and experience fewer side effects. Liposuction is not recommended for people with major mental or physical health issues, including depression and eating disorders.
You have reasonable, realistic expectations for the results. Liposuction won't give you a perfect body, but it will remove at least some of your unwanted fat. You have to optimize the results of liposuction treatments by maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterward.
You already eat a healthy diet. It's imperative to eat a healthy diet after receiving liposuction surgery to help speed the recovery process, to increase the results of the procedure and to help keep the body toned post-surgery.
You are physically active and your body is in good physical condition, but certain areas of your body do not respond well to exercise. This type of person is the most common candidate for liposuction and he or she also makes a successful one by being active and at a healthy body weight to begin with.
Beverly Hills Physicians 249-4040

Available at Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900
Available at Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900
Show your Hair some Love!
Hydrate & Shine with Reverie Nude Shampoo & Conditioner

This gentle, luxurious cleanser and conditioner pair is enriched with minimalist, healthy ingredients to hydrate, add shine and smooth for beautiful, shiny strands. It's safe for
color-treated hair and daily use, since the parabens-and-sulfates-free formula restores vibrancy and softness while delivering a spa-like experience at home.
Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900

What we Love: Brazilian Wax
You know you can freshen your face with brows and facial waxing, so why not try a Brazilian? This technique, a specialty of WAX by Heather Nelson, is the perfect way to boost your self esteem and bring the sexy back. Everybody's doing it and it's definitely partner approved! The faithful also swear it gives them a clean-all-over feeling. You know you're curious - but you'll never know you love it until you try it. At WAX by Heather Nelson, you will find treatments to bring out your inner beauty and the exhilarating feeling that comes with it! Waxing is preferred by many over other techniques because it preserves the skin's natural beauty, treating it gently while removing hair without destroying the follicles or disturbing pigment.
WAX by Heather Nelson 644-4346

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
What we Love: Laser Liposuction
Want a firmer, smoother, tighter, more natural-looking liposuction procedure? Look no further than Laser Liposuction performed by Dr. Youssef of Younique Surgery Center & Medspa; his distinctive technique has made this procedure incredibly popular because of his remarkable results. Using the newest technology, Dr. Youssef melts even your most stubborn fat cells prior to their removal, all while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Now you can sculpt while treating cellulite and stubborn fat - without scarring! This treatment is especially popular with patients who've been less than impressed with a traditional liposuction procedure in the past. From lumps and bumps to smooth and sleek - that's the Younique Laser Liposuction experience.
Younique Surgery Center & Medspa 388-0040
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