Feel Sultry this Summer
June, 2016 - Issue #140
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Summer Vacation just got Sexier
Now is the Time to Schedule a Mommy Makeover

Summer is the time of year when people can stop looking at plastic surgery photos and start actually having the bodies they want to see in the mirror. Plastic surgery experts like those that work for Beverly Hills Physicians can easily schedule an operation during a vacation, allowing the patient to enjoy the rest of their summer with renewed confidence.

One of the most popular operations performed during a break is the Mommy Makeover. Perhaps this is because it's bathing suit season or simply because their children might be off at a relative's or at camp, but mothers around the country find this time to be the best time for a physical transformation. A Mommy Makeover refers to any combination of surgeries done together to reverse the unpleasant effects of childbearing. Most often, it will include some of the following: tummy tuck, vaginal reconstruction, breast lift, and body sculpting through liposuction.

Sometimes the mommy makeover will also include other procedures that a mother has been considering for a long time - like a rhinoplasty or eyelid lift - that can also enhance her appearance. The board-certified plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians are experts at knowing which procedures will get the best results and have the skill and experience to minimize discomfort and recovery time. This means that a patient's operation will go exactly as planned with no need to extend the number of vacation days used.
Beverly Hills Physicians provides free consultations. 249-4040

Before the Beach, Wax then Wait
You've got the perfect suit, the snacks are in the bag and your beach chair is in the back seat - time to take your perfect body to get some serious ocean therapy. And you just got waxed, so your skin is ripe for some tanning. Right?

Umm, no. Award-winning wax artist Heather Nelson says that any waxing you want done, whether it's a brow shapeup, a removal of the chinny-chins or a full Brazilian, really needs to be done a couple of days before you hit the beach.

It's best to wait 48 hours after waxing to expose fresh skin to the sun; areas waxed are susceptible to irritation and burning much more than unwaxed skin. Just keep in mind that you will look and feel better all over if you invest the time in yourself - and don't forget the sunscreen!
WAX by Heather Nelson 644-4346

Love the Sun, not the Damage
Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Triple Antioxidant Serum
Apply every morning, underneath your moisturizer and sunblock, to saturate your skin with topical antioxidants that protect your skin from collagen-destroying free radicals and inhibit UV-induced melanin production.

ZO Skin Health by Dr. Zein Obagi Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer Broad-Spectrum SPF 30
A new favorite, it provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, natural melanin and vitamin E. It also has a natural tint and primes the skin for a soft, silky finish that works beautifully alone or under makeup.
Recommended by DermaCure Valencia 257-8400

Melanage Peel & Skin Brightening System
This peel is designed to improve the texture and appearance of hyper-pigmented skin. Dark spots and deep-pigment issues will lighten while skin texture and tone will improve. The Melanage peel will stimulate collagen production and diminish fine lines, too! A month supply of product will be given to continue working on pigmentation after treatment.

SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair
This revolutionary rejuvenating super-sunscreen features SOL-IR Advanced Antioxidant Complex to prevent the appearance of premature aging from chronic exposure to infrared-A rays. These rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVA and UVB rays and can cause signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, rough texture, uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and skin discoloration. Total Defense + Repair provides comprehensive protection beyond UVA and UVB while supporting the skin's ability to restore itself.
Recommended by Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care 254-3686

Beachy Hair don't Care
Sachajuan Ocean Mist
Create beautifully-beachy texture with an effortlessly-tousled effect while also adding a pinch of volume at the root.
Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900

Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry & Surf Infusion
This lightweight, part-mousse, part-salt spray formula is for big, beachy texture while the Infusion adds a soft, touchable twist to windswept styles with a tropical cocktail of coconut and passionfruit oils.
Blo-Out Lounge 255-2569

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Stem Cell Treatment Changes Everything we Know about the Aging Process
People have to grow older, but thanks to stem cell therapy, they don't necessarily have to succumb to all of the aesthetic or health effects typically associated with aging. Stem-cell anti-aging treatments can help patients older than 40 enjoy a greater quality of life by identifying issues that typically plague people of that age, then treating them before they become a problem. This includes certain diseases, genetic issues and more.

The older we get, the less our cells are able to divide and grow. This deterioration leads to a decrease in our body's ability to repair itself, whether from injury or the natural breakdowns caused by the passage of time. A stem cell facelift has the potential to change everything we know about this aging process.

The anti-aging treatment offered by Dr. Youssef of YOUnique Surgery Center & Medical Spa, technically known as autologous stem cell therapy, begins with identifying a patient's unique needs, then developing an individualized treatment that may include everything from a special diet to beneficial products and agents to DNA repair. When used to rejuvenate the face, it is often called a stem cell facelift.

Much of the repair work in an anti-aging treatment is done by stem cells harvested from a patient's own fatty tissue. Basically, the doctor will collect fat then spin it in a centrifuge to separate out the stem cells. These cells are collected, activated by natural proteins, rinsed and then mixed with agents to ensure their continued survival. Then they are injected back into the patient where they start to work by repairing areas damaged due to aging.

The injection process can take up to an hour. A patient should notice the anti-aging treatment starting to seriously take effect in about a month.
YOUnique Surgery Center & Medical Spa is now open in Valencia. 388-0040
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