Garret Markenson
Maximum Exposure
October, 2014 - Issue #120

Garrett Markenson, owner of Garrett Markenson Coiffure, opened his Valencia salon six years ago not just to put his name on a door, but to put his mark on his hometown. What resulted was a provocation of culture in a community otherwise lacking a cool boutique salon experience. Not one to sit on his laurels, Markenson then embarked on an ambitious journey that would take him across the country and the globe, identifying ingredients and partners for his new luxe organic haircare line, REVERIE.

We sat down with this young innovator, artist and entrepreneur to learn more.

On the Garret Markenson Coiffure client:
They're the early adapters, the trend setters. They understand the importance of their image and are entirely self aware. They appreciate the unrushed, cultural experience, our modern eclectic space and our aesthetic - we cut and color hair to look lived in with a focus on intimate details.

On what drives him as an artist and stylist:
Travel and community, being around tastemakers. For me, it's about growth and discovery and about partnering with people who speak the same language. When it comes to hair, it's about cutting and coloring it just for that person, not a place. I don't do "Valencia bobs." Looks are global. Your hairstylist should excite you and know what's next, not what's now. Not everyone's open to that message; not everyone's hungry for it. But people who get it, get it.

On how the best stylists are also detectives:
We place so much emphasis on the consultation. What's working? What's driving the client nuts? It's one of the most valuable elements to a hairstyling experience - and it's also, usually, the most rushed. The salon is successful because of the talented stylists who call it home. They're committed to making my vision theirs, and it shows from the minute a client sits down for a consult to the moment they leave the chair, feeling great about their hair.

On why he created the REVERIE product line:
This project started in the midst of one of the worst economic crises in our time. I created REVERIE because I knew it would stimulate the local economy and create jobs. Everything about this brand is handcrafted in California. Now we're getting write ups in Vogue, LA Confidential... Our products are being sold around the world. They're in Dubai. Australia. And it all started here, in Valencia.

On Cake, the newest product in the REVERIE line:
It's an intimate product because it's the result of really listening to our clients. They tell us about how menopause, cancer, pregnancy, life, genetics have affected their hair - and how they feel about themselves. They want thick, full, healthy hair - and they want their products to be all natural, organic and sustainable. No one was giving it to them, then we did. The product sells itself and it's gorgeous. It looks like a luxury perfume and smells incredible.
Garrett Markenson Coiffure 297-2900

Garrett Markenson's trajectory began while he was studying fine art in Florence, Italy. An inspirational salon experience refocused Garrett's creativity toward hair. Upon his return to the States, he trained at the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and opened Garrett Markenson Coiffure in 2008. His clients include models, actors and musicians and his work has been featured in many salon and fashion editorials for Neiman Marcus, Armani, American Salon, Modern Salon and Launchpad. In 2009, Garrett created his first product line, Garrett Markenson REVERIE.
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