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Everything Mom wants for Mother's Day is right here!
With technology making it easier than ever to share our image at any given moment, men and women are finding it more and more important to make sure that they are putting the best version of themselves out there for the world to see.
"Beauty hurts."

That's what my mother would say to me as she too-tightly French braided my hair or worked knots out of my long locks. She said it when ear piercing went wrong, when I tried (unsuccessfully) to wax under my arms, when I burnt my forehead with the curling iron in an attempt to make my bangs sky high and when I'd nick myself shaving my legs.
I had just touched the goose-egg sized bump above my eyebrow without wincing when I gashed my knee on the side of my nightstand in a sorry pursuit to find my glasses at 2am. Add to that the painfully-stubbed toe I acquired while dashing to grab my 10 month old, who decided to show off her pre-walking skills at exactly the same time I was fishing a contact lens out of my weary eye, and you can see why mommyhood is a full-contact sport.
Garrett Markenson, owner of Garrett Markenson Coiffure, opened his Valencia salon six years ago not just to put his name on a door, but to put his mark on his hometown.
Having a "bikini body" is easy. Get a bikini, put your body in it, and - ta da! - a bikini body is yours. That being said, many of us aren't too keen to two-piece it this summer without a little "help" first. That's why we talked to the best in exercise, non-invasive fat reduction and cosmetic surgery to find out how to feel fit and confident in a swimsuit this season.
Mom is too classy to tell you what she really wants for Mother's Day - so we'll tell you!
Hello Gorgeous! The prettiest present under the tree is one that makes the recipient swoon with gratitude. This year, gift them with a "New You" package!
Raindrops & Roses Handmade Handbags
Made entirely from recycled materials, these unique pieces of art are produced by Santa Clarita resident Lisa Arvizu. Recovered vintage upholstery fabric ensures that your purse stays sturdy even through heavy use. And most pieces also feature a fun, conversational touch - the handles are made from used and recovered belts. Prices start at $45, making them a great "green" gift.
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