When it Comes to Anti-Aging Treatments be a Lifelong Learner
September, 2017 - Issue #156
You know what they say: The only thing that doesn't change is... change itself. If your body's changing in ways that you're less than thrilled about, you can change the way you think about it - or you can change what you do about it.

We like to blend those two options. Our plan? To grow old gracefully, using the technology of today to confidently transition to the next phases and stages of life... all while accepting the process the best we can (Aging stinks sometimes, but the alternative - death - seems worse!).

Here, you'll find high-tech treatments that address most major aging concerns, from intimacy to excess skin above the knee and loss of tone in the face. Learn about how they work, what they do and if it sounds like an option for you... then make the call. After all, what's the point of knowledge if you don't do anything with it?

Facial Rejuvenation for a Timeless Visage
The effects of aging on the face include an increase in wrinkles, sagging, expression marks and loss of volume. In medical literature, facial aging has been compared to a deflated beach ball or a collapsing tent; the analogies show that there is loss of volume. That loss usually starts in one's late 30s and has been linked to a reduction of collagen production by the body. There are a variety of techniques and procedures to prevent and reverse aging signs and symptoms. The most potent and preventable causes of skin damage are smoking and ultra-violet rays. In order to prevent fine wrinkles, skin damage and spots, stop smoking and use sunblock daily. For those in their late 40s and older, more-invasive procedures like eyelid surgery (blephroplasty), face or neck lifts or nasal reshaping may be appropriate. With medical advances today, facial rejuvenation is more effective and requires minimal down time.
Beverly Hills Physicians 249-4040

Ultherapy for Lifting Aging Skin
Collagen starts to decrease in skin starting at about age 20. That's too bad, because collagen is responsible for giving the skin its elasticity and smoothness. When collagen is reduced, skin looks saggy and wrinkled. Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment designed to lift the skin on the neck, under the chin and the eyebrow. Unlike other technologies such as laser and radio-frequency, Ultherapy delivers focused ultrasound energy to the deep foundational layer of the skin - the same layer that would be addressed by a surgeon during cosmetic surgery. This energy causes the body to stimulate new - and strengthen weak - collagen. Only one procedure is needed and there is no down time! While some patients see an initial effect right after their treatment, real results appear about three months post treatment as new collagen rebuilds. Post treatment use of antioxidant serums, growth factors and sunscreen will protect and prolong your result for several years.
DermaCure Medical Aesthetics 257-8400

Titan Laser for Collagen Building
The Titan laser uses a safe, infrared light to cause contraction of existing collagen, as well as stimulation of new collagen, in the deepest layer of the skin. During this procedure, the skin's surface is protected through continuous cooling. With the contraction of collagen and the new collagen growth, you'll notice decreased skin laxity and wrinkles. Loose skin anywhere on the body can be treated, but the most common areas are the face, neck, abdomen, above the knees, along the jaw line and under the chin. These areas have been known to respond particularly well to the Titan laser. A series of three treatments, every four weeks, is usually recommended, saving at least one treatment for a follow-up three to six months after your series to help maintain your results. The treatment time depends on what and how many areas are being treated.
Younique Cosmetic Surgery 388-0040

ThermiVa for Feminine Health
Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes that effect feminine wellness. You may experience, laxity, incontinence, dryness and more. Fortunately, we now have a solution. ThermiVa is a celebrated vaginal rejuvenation procedure that addresses feminine wellness. You can achieve a physical and aesthetic benefit with no downtime! ThermiVa uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen - without discomfort. You can resume your normal activities the same day. This life-changing experience requires a series of three treatments, each one month apart.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care 254-3686

Endermologie for Cellulite Reduction
Endermologie is a non-invasive way of shaping your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving overall skin fitness. It utilizes a small hand-held motorized tool with rollers that stimulate venous and lymphatic systems, reducing toxins and increasing collagen. If you're tired of working out and barely eating, yet still having no change in your body shape, it's time to add Endermologie to your routine. Endermologie is the number-one body massage treatment resulting in body contouring, inch loss and cellulite reduction. The process offers a proven solution for localized fat, cellulite and skin sagging. With Endermologie, it is possible to lose inches with long-lasting results. Get rid of those saddlebags once and for all!
ForeverSlim SCV 313-4878

Let your Wax Artist Know about your Antiaging Care
A little knowledge is a powerful thing. As you get older, your skin changes due to hormones and the natural aging process, but you don't have to sacrifice beauty and confidence. With a regular routine that includes waxing of the face and body, you can maintain a healthy glow and improve the texture of your skin. Waxing is a hair-removal technique preferred by many because it depletes the resources of the hair follicles without destroying them, treating skin gently and maintaining the skin's original pigment.
Remember to keep your wax professional informed of any anti-aging or special treatments you may be using, as well as medications that could affect your skin's sensitivity. With everyone informed, you can be assured of a beautiful result.
WAX by Heather Nelson 661-644-4346

When it comes to Intimacy, Collagen Building makes All the Difference
You know that the collagen fibers in your face begin to decline as you age - so doesn't it make sense that they do the same in your vaginal lining? Of course! Normal aging, coupled with pregnancy and childbirth, as well as "genetic roulette" can make for remarkable, and unwelcome, changes "down there." As your production of collagen diminishes, vaginal walls lose their youthful texture and tightness. Loose and lax skin means a decrease in sensation and satisfaction for both women and their partners. That's why Geneveve was created: to improve muscle tone and tightness while boosting the creation of new collagen. You'll restore youthful structure while improving romantic release and boosting self esteem, too.

Geneveve works in a single-session treatment without surgery. The gentle treatment introduces radiofrequencies to the sensitive tissues, delivering safe temperature-monitored cooling and heating to trigger the formation of new collagen at the cellular level, improving strength and tone. The results last longer than a year - and women report remarkable improvements to their intimate relationships, confidence and satisfaction. Right now, take 10 percent off your service.
Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita 312-0497
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