Beauty Bites
A Beauty S.O.S.
May, 2020 - Issue #188
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

Ladies, let's get real. #QuarantineLife isn't our best look. With every fallen lash extension, our eyes look more and more like dead spiders. Not even a messy bun can make four-day-old hair look cute anymore. And after weeks of a strict sweatpants dress code, who can be sure our jeans still fit?

Summer is shaping up to be a real "Miss Congeniality" transformation for many of us - because without our trusted stylists, designers and coaches, we're looking like a real Gracie Hart story before the epic makeover scene. Someone send help. This is gonna take a team effort.

In the meantime, here are a few tips from the beauty experts we know and love. And on behalf of all the gorgeous SCV women and men out there, we miss our beauty gurus and trusted stylists so much! Life is way less pretty without you.

Get a Zero-effort Glow
"Invest in a creamy, clean-beauty multitasking makeup stick," says Jennifer Glezer of Fairest of Them All Hair & Makeup. "One product is all you need to sweep on some instant cheek color, eyeshadow and lip tint. Love that makeup-no-makeup look? Grab a nude shade with a bit of shimmer for that delicious dew-factor."

Root for Better Hair
Are your roots getting out of control? Garrett Markenson, owner of Garrett Markenson Coiffure, has some advice: "Hair should make you happy, so style accordingly and have a little fun. If you're not feeling the changes, you can always try something else." Play with a few root-disguising styles: a tousled crown braid, a messy part, a bold patterned headband or a simple yet sleek bun.

Do Your Research
Tune into guided at-home facials, live beauty tutorials and product reviews on social media to brush up on your beauty and self-care skills. Don't know how to touch up your nails? YouTube it. Miss your esthetician? Scroll her Insta to see if she posted tips. Beauty pros and celebs alike are sharing more expert guidance than ever before.

Nail It
Is the stress of quarantine driving you to pick at your nails with reckless abandon? Stand down, sister! Here's how to safely remove your gel manicure without peeling off your nails: wash your hands thoroughly, file off the top coat with an emery board, apply cuticle oil, and place an acetone-soaked cotton ball on your nail until the polish dissolves.

Call for Backup
If wine is no longer helping your beauty woes, phone a friend, girl! We're always here for you, and we would love to chat. Just call the office!

Safer at Home Style Guide
Choose your sweatpants based on the material of your couch for maximum lounging comfort. We're fully aware this sounds crazy, but if we're going to be locked up in our sweatpants for weeks, we might as well laze about like the queens we are, right? Here are the best furniture material pairings, as tested by a team of fashion reporters:
Velvet: cashmere sweatpants
Linen: polyester sweatpants
Leather: velour sweatpants
Cotton: cotton sweatpants
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