Shh! Hair Secrets
January, 2019 - Issue #172
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courtesy of Shutterstock

5 Tips for Taking Care of your Hair Extensions
Whether you wear tape-ins, wefts or individuals, the care for your extensions should fairly be the same. If they are not properly taken care of at home, extensions can be damaging to your hair. Since the natural oils from your scalp will not reach the ends of your extensions, you need to compensate for that. Here's how!

Always use a sulfate-free shampoo. One of our faves is Velveteen Dream from Amika. Not only are all their products cruelty free and free from sulfates, but they smell amazing, too.

Before combing your hair out of the shower, towel dry it gently and spray The Wizard Detangling Primer by Amika all over. Carefully holding your hair extensions at your roots, brush gently to avoid unnecessary pulling.

Avoid going to bed with wet hair. Dry your hair thoroughly and put it in a low, loose braid or pony to keep the hair laying flat. This will reduce matting and tangling while you sleep.

Before heat styling, prep your hair with a heat protectant. Always create a barrier between your hair and your hot tools. Blockade & The Shield are two great products to help protect your hair and keep the frizzies and flyaways tamed. They're perfect for beanie weather!

To keep those ends soft and silky in between washes, Silken Up Dry Conditioner is a must. This amazing product will help you brush though your hair with ease, leaving it silky smooth. With its anti-static properties, it's a lifesaver during winter.
The Parlour 252-1335

We Tried It!
Do Silky Pillows & Hair Wraps Work?
You've probably seen the advertisements on social media, promoting the purchase of retro-Hollywood styled silk hair wraps and slinky pillow cases, both promising smoother, frizz-free strands. Both seemed a little too good to be true, but our long locks were looking a bit dull - so we gave them a go. Our not-so-scientific findings? While they weren't overnight miracle workers, both products seemed to keep our manes more shiny and manageable and we're hoping that, longer term, they'll cut down on the development of split ends.

The Top-heavy Triangle that Contours the Hips
In this secret sesh, we're talking about "hair down there," because yes, your WAXpert of choice can strategically trim and shape your fur to create an optical illusion that slims the hips and thighs.

"When meeting a new client, I take every inch of them into account and talk about what they want and how they want to feel," says Heather Nelson of the eponymous WAX by Heather Nelson. "Based on their unique physique, I can then craft a top-heavy triangle that really flatters, visually flaring the hips where you want them curvy and narrowing them where you don't. My clients say that this on-trend waxing style really makes them feel more confident and attractive. It's amazing what a little wax can do!"
WAX by Heather Nelson 644-4346
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