A Fair-skinned Lass Loves her Laser
January, 2019 - Issue #172
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At 43, Jenna has firm feelings on her lifestyle and career choices. "I'm a model, actor, lifestyle host, investigative journalist, private investigator. I'm not a mom by choice, not married by choice. I know what I want, I know what I don't - and when it came time for me to undo the damage my skin had taken on from my work in the Caribbean, I knew Dr. Heller and his staff were the ones for me," says the self-described "English girl."

Jenna's very-fair skin had developed tiny sunspots from five months under the Caribbean sun and says that her teen years picking and squeezing the occasional blemish had left discolorations and texture differentiations.
"I'm CRAZY ABOUT THE STAFF at SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery. I love all of them! They have amazing personalities and really make you feel at home and special, like you're their only VIP client."

"I have made a name for myself with my face and skin, so I was incredibly selective when it came to choosing a practice," says the SKIN by Heller Plastic Surgery patient. "My mother selected Dr. Heller for her tummy tuck years ago and was thrilled with her results, but I wanted to learn more," says the licensed private investigator. "My background in research revealed so many unsolicited positive reviews for Dr. Heller and the SKIN professionals he hand selected. He is so highly respected both by his peers and his community. When I saw that he was ranked the number-one top plastic surgeon many times in a row, it didn't surprise me."

After SKIN's Lead Aesthetic Nurse and Laser Specialist Trisha Cooper evaluated Jenna's goals, she determined that the Erbium laser would be able to address her sun damage and discoloration best - without significant down time. "I'm the caretaker for my parents, and my career is quite busy, so I couldn't disappear for days on end," says Jenna. "I had the minor expected swelling the first few days, and then some minor peeling. After four days, I had fresh, new, gorgeous skin and was ready for the world again!"

"We plan on doing a series of three with this laser," says Jenna, "but it's so good, honestly, I don't even know if I need the others. My coloring is now so even and the clarity of my skin is amazing!"

Is the Erbium Laser Right for Me?
by Dr. Justin B. Heller

Patients who want to achieve dramatic results with minimal down time are flocking to our office thanks to the Erbium laser and our SKIN team's customized approach to anti-aging treatments. Our Erbium patients benefit from skin resurfacing that addresses both superficial and moderately-deep lines and appreciate a noticeable improvement in skin clarity. It's a great choice for brown spots, sun damage and discoloration. The experience is quick and pain free, thanks to our pharmaceutical-grade numbing cream that's applied prior to treatment. Patients are thrilled with their fresh, youthful tone and texture and older patients with creping, thinning skin report a thickening of the treated area. Curious if the Erbium laser, or another treatment, is right for you? Our consultations are complimentary.

Justin B. Heller, MD is a board-certified, Yale-educated plastic surgeon. His practice, Heller Plastic Surgery, has been named Santa Clarita's Best Plastic Surgeon three years in a row. Heller Plastic Surgery is located at 23838 Valencia Boulevard, Suite 260 in Valencia. 233-4949
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