Ageless Skin is Always In
October, 2014 - Issue #120
Peter Pan taught us that you never have to grow up - and these treatments are the Neverland of the beauty world.

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Go Towards the Lightfor Renewed-looking Skin
Laser for... Redness, Veins & Pigmentation
Vbeam Perfecta is the latest generation of Vbeam laser offering Combination Therapy to diffuse redness, spider veins and pigmentation. Vascular lasers specifically target red color and are routinely used to eliminate small red vessels and capillaries.

Vbeam Perfecta can make these complaints a thing of the past: rosacea, spider veins, stretch marks (Early, when they are still red.), red scars, red birthmarks and pigment spots.

Vbeam Perfecta is fast and very low on the pain scale. The quick "pulse bursts" heat the vessels very fast and are interspersed with alternating bursts of cryogen spray to instantly cool and protect the skin.

The laser has a unique ability to selectively target the blood vessels of a vascular lesion without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. It is so safe and effective that it has been used successfully for the treatment of infants and children born with red birthmarks.

The Perfecta Laser by Candela uses a new technology called Micropulse to allow more power delivery with minimized bruising. The Perfecta is the premium-level laser for treating vascular (vein) conditions. Vascular conditions routinely require a series of treatments to fully eliminate broken veins. You will want to adhere to the treatment schedule to obtain the best possible results. This month, you can get one free treatment when you purchase three.
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Center 254-3686

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Laser for... Multiple Skin Issues & Signs of Aging
The Fraxel Dual/Restore Laser is effective for targeting multiple skin issues and signs of aging. Fraxel is a safe, non-ablative resurfacing laser that fractionally replaces a percentage of skin with each treatment. This improves skin tone, texture, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Brown spots are erased and the appearance of acne and surgical scars is reduced. It also effectively treats pre-cancerous lesions. Fraxel treatment is safe for all skin colors and can be used on most body parts including the face, neck, chest and hands.

Fraxel resurfaces about 25 percent of skin in the desired treatment area each time, allowing it to heal rapidly post procedure. Results are immediate and progressive due to collagen stimulation. After treatment, the skin feels softer, looks brighter, shows a more even tone and makeup goes on smoother.

Fraxel has minimal down time. Patients have a mild sunburn look post treatment, which can be covered with makeup immediately. There is no post-procedure pain and most patients return to their regular routines the next day.
DermaCure Medical Aesthetics 257-8400

And an After-laser Facial
Jadience Facial with a silver-ion mask treatment helps skin after radiation, healing it overnight and reducing inflammation. The Jade stone had been used throughout the centuries to deeply detoxify, exfoliate and heal the body while uncovering skin's radiance, youth and tone.
Sofyas European Skin Care 424-1807

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock
Go Deep with a Natural Facelift
Creams, washes and traditional facials are excellent ways to improve the clarity and tone of your skin, but addressing the underlying architecture of your face with a no-pain, no-down-time treatment is what will keep your facial skin firm, smooth and elastic. Cosmecanique comfortably and quickly tightens the underlying foundation of connective tissue. This natural toning is gentle, non-invasive, non-abrasive - and incredibly effective, especially with lifting the jowls and neck area. You'll see an immediate improvement in tone and texture, which only becomes more apparent as you build more and more collagen in each visit. Right now, you can experience the relaxing, effective treatment for the re-introductory price of $50.
Lorrie of SCV Cosmecanique 313-4878

Timeless Beauty Treatment Still Top Choice Today
Hair removal is nothing new. Cleopatra had her groomers, socialites were exfoliated and stars of the silver screen proudly went from noir to new age with perfectly-arched brows and silky-smooth skin. What made them all so beautiful and self-confident? Waxing, of course! Waxing is preferred by many over other techniques because it depletes the resources of the hair follicles without destroying them, treating skin gently and maintaining the skin's original pigment. It also works well on hair of all colors, from dark to red, blonde, white and especially grey. Using techniques perfected through the centuries to create beautiful bodyscapes, Heather Nelson of WAX works from brows to bikini areas to enhance natural beauty. The consummate professional, she creates an atmosphere that makes everyone comfortable, working quickly and skillfully so that each client leaves the studio feeling fresh and renewed, as well as looking good.
WAX by Heather Nelson is located within the Sola Salon. 644-4346
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